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I got $125 in Best Buy giftcards for crazymas. I went to the store today, for boxing day deals. Their anime section was poorly stocked - I'm not into most shows, but there was one from years ago that I wanted to rewatch - and so we asked someone to help us. Or rather, tried to. We tried talking to four different people, all of whom ignored us.

Person five says "The anime section is over by the movies. Go find the show yourself." And walks away. WTF.

I'm disapointed, but grab a different show, a game, and a new DS travel case. I go to cash out, and hand the cashier my five gift cards, each with 25 on them. She says "You owe me two dollars" I look at the screen and do a double take.

"I gave you five gift cards."

She argues with me about it, saying "Call Best Buy company, they'll send you a new gift card. You only gave me four. You probably left the other one at home."

My sister chimes in with a "Noo lady, I saw her give you five cards."

The cashier gets angry and grabs two handfuls of used cards, saying "THIS IS ALL I HAVE!" And then she grins and tosses them down. "Call Best Buy."

I think "Okay, maybe I am wrong." And leave. Get home, look where I keep my stuff, nope.

Bitch stole my giftcard. Or dropped it, or something. But damn! I've always hated Best Buy, but I'll never go back now.


Could you look up the definition of "news", please?

Dear Bergen Record,

There a lot of things that count as news and are worthy of front page coverage: politics, the economy, crime, environmental disasters, etc. Heck, I'll even grant you sports.

An upcoming episode of South Park? Not by any stretch of the imagination.

ETA:Apparently, expecting non-fluff news on the front of a newspaper is the minority opinion on this com. *shrug* Oh well, I'll just depart from the thread with a "YOU KIDS GET THE HELL OFF MY LAWN!!!" and leave it at that.

BTW, could the tagger add the "I dare you to say Hastur three times" tag? Not related, but I like that one.

Edit:To correct embarrassing typo.

Pay attention to me, Taco Bell!

Fail post here, so now it's under a cut.

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Edit for clarification:
1) I wasn't standing three feet away from the counter. There was pretty much a couple feet between us, including the counter. I was standing right in front of the register the entire time. Also the people who cut in front of me both were standing next to me, not literally in front of me. Should have made that a little clearer.
2) Yeah, I know I should have spoken up. I have an anxiety disorder and I can clam up and refuse to say things at pretty dumb times. I'm not pissed about the situation because it would have been over in 2 seconds if I had said something. More of a wtf.

But yeah, you guys are basically saying that same thing my friend said when I sat down. She was pissed that I just waited there, lol.
get it together, ADD

Door-to-door fail

So I've just gotten back to my apartment from doing some research for my dissertation in the library, and have decided to sprawl out on my couch, when I hear a curious knock at the door. Thinking it might be someone from a maintenance crew or something, I open the door, and see a 20-something guy with a list of magazines and what looks sort of like some sort of payment receipt pad.

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TL;DR: Guy doing door-to-door magazine fundraiser scam thing at university apartment complex doesn't seem to get that some students may be introverted, shy, low on funds, and not into the typical interests of their age group. Fail ensues, particularly when he's a bit deceptive about what he's doing in the first place. And codeman38 is a nervous, fidgety wreck by the end of it.

Vet in Texas

So I took my new little toy poodle in today for her second set of shots.  This is her first visit to this vet, though my other dogs have been several times.  The staff there are usually pretty, um, angry ... they act like they can't answer questions or anything.  I understand you have a ton of animals to take care of  and tend too, but geez.  Anyway, so I go in and they ask my name and blah blah blah.  So then they ask who I was bringing in and I told them her name was JUICY and that she was a toy poodle and that she was 9 WEEKS and 3 DAYS old.  So we wait (there was only ONE person in front of us) and then we were called.  My boyfriend and I take Juicy into the room and the vet calls her JUICE - uh, okay - we just figured he was being funny or whatever and then he tells me that he'll see me in two weeks - okay.  I go up to the counter (after handing off Juicy to said boyfriend) to pay the bill and the staff person hands me her flea/tick/heartworm and I ask her why not just a heartworm pill and she coldy tells me that the vet likes puppies to be on this medicine, but when she's older, I'm free to put her on whatever - alright.  Then she tells me that they'll see me in a month - uh wait - the vet just said I would be back in two weeks.  She then tells me YEAH THAT'LL BE A MONTH - since when did two weeks become one month.  So anyway, I go to put Juicy in her kennel for the drive home and I start to go over the paperwork and low and behold the staff woman typed in JUICE for her name?!?  Come on - I coulda spelled it for you, but I figured since a 9 year old could grasp her name, you could to and she also wrote that Juicy was 9 weeks and 2 days old (not a big deal, but really?!?)

More Bad Medical

I went to the same doctor as my Mom. My Mom thought she was great, “she'd sit and talks with you.”
Not with me, it was like 2 mins and she was out. I was going every month to get my blood sugar level check, they would poke my finger, which really hurts, but at least they weren't drawing blood, which scares me silly.
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