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Can Haz! Cheezburger resolved.


A person from customer service at Cheezeburger finally got in touch with me about 2 days after the post. She emailed me after trying to call me twice (I usually don't answer if I'm not expecting a call and I don't recognize the number) and asked if I would like another shirt shipped or a refund.
I chose to have another shirt shipped and verified my address. Customer service emailed me again to let me know that the shirt had been shipped and would show up in 7-10 days.
It arrived on the 7th day and my only complaint was that I ordered a 2XL (which shows up in all the emails I've had with Cheezeburger) and an XL was shipped. Fortunately while it is a little snug it still fits me and I will wear it.
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Update from cultural center b_s.

After a couple of days of difficulty with getting ahold of the center, I received exactly the response I was hoping to get. I received a letter of apology from the man who would not let us in, and I didn't have to ask for it. Here's what he had to say:


I would like to present my apologies for my actions on Saturday May 30 2009. My actions where done out of selfishness and to please myself and again I am very sorry.

I conducted myself very unprofessionally and was very impolite to the party involved. And I hope that they can raise above this and not act as selfish as I did, by making the Center suffer by them not renting again because I known that we appreciate their business.

So again please accept my apologies I was selfish and unprofessional.


He was spoken to and told that he was not to handle the situation like that, but rather to, next time, contact someone on the chair to figure out what should be done.

Furthermore, the director of the center called me this afternoon and we had a little chat. He told me how unhappy he was that this had happened and that they are working on new policies so that it does not happen again. In addition, they want us to give them a second chance and are going to let us use the room at no charge! Funnily, this was EXACTLY what I wanted to be done about it, and they were responsible (and smart) enough to take the initiative and do it rather than wait for me to ask for it. In addition I'm glad they owned up to what was genuinely bad_service, rather than defend an employee who was certainly in the wrong.
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It's here!

As continued from this post I called corporate to find out where my book was. I was told that the book probably wasn't going to be delivered and I could cancel. I had meant to go to the store and cancel but it kept slipping my mind until last night when I got a phone call from the original store. Turns out the book had finally arrived!

I went in this morning to get it and the cashier who had scolded me for not having a receipt saw me and asked another cashier to take over for her. I'm just happy to finally have my book but there was a paper inside it saying the book had arrived on Wednesday night and I hadn't gotten a call until 9:00pm Friday that it was in the store.

:D But I have my book now!

Taco Bell Update

I just wanted to let everyone know that I received an apology and two coupons from Taco Bell in the mail today. I probably would have eaten there again anyway, but now I feel better about the 30 minutes I wasted.

Also my card was only charged in during the drive-thru transaction so I'm all around in a chipper mood today.

DirecTV contractors, with a happy ending

Update to this post.

The crappy contractor set up another appointment for today, after 4pm, to install the HD dish and the DVR box. My fiance, Scott, gets home around 330, and notices he has a voicemail from the company. They left a message at 2pm and asked where he was. He calls them and said they had scheduled installation for after 4pm for the HD and DVR. They THEN said he had no appointment that day, he didn't order the DVR and HD stuff and it wasn't in the work order. He calls DirecTV who confirms the 4pm installation for DVR and HD. Um, right.

He then has a three way conversation with DirecTV and the Contractor and they fight it out. Scott calls them out on the companies lies and shenanigans. DirecTV tells the contractors to stop lying to us about the installation. They get the contractor off the line and DirecTV says they are certain that the contractor did steal the DVR box. They then credit us our first bill in its entirety, give us free HD and our extra channel package for a full year and take $10 off the monthly bill for a full year. They then tell us that when the contractors come to install the dish a team of specialists at DirecTV will call us and have us supervise the installation, and speak to the tech if the tech gives us any grief about being unable to install the services we need.

Success! For now. :p