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Could you look up the definition of "news", please?

Dear Bergen Record,

There a lot of things that count as news and are worthy of front page coverage: politics, the economy, crime, environmental disasters, etc. Heck, I'll even grant you sports.

An upcoming episode of South Park? Not by any stretch of the imagination.

ETA:Apparently, expecting non-fluff news on the front of a newspaper is the minority opinion on this com. *shrug* Oh well, I'll just depart from the thread with a "YOU KIDS GET THE HELL OFF MY LAWN!!!" and leave it at that.

BTW, could the tagger add the "I dare you to say Hastur three times" tag? Not related, but I like that one.

Edit:To correct embarrassing typo.
Lesbian kisses

Samsung! USUX.

oh damn it! Last week I ordered a case for my phone off Amazon. I double and triple checked the model number, and everything matched up, so I thought I was okay.

Well, apparently not. See, when the Glyde first came out, it had these weird issues with the touchscreen [basically, it was possessed] and so they fixed it and started putting out the Glyde 2.0 or whatever. When they re-released it, they [for whatever reason...] changed the dimensions of the upper half of the phone by like... a millimeter, if that.

Apparently the case I got was designed for V1.0, not 2, because the top half won't snap on at all. It just doesn't fit. Damn. I had no way of knowing, because the model numbers matched. So now I'm out $15 and I don't know if I can return it or not because *gasp!* I OPENED THE BAG. *eyeroll*

you want me to what?

Times are tough, as we all know, so a few months ago I left Lovely Apartments, where I'd lived for twelve years, and moved to the Slightly Less Lovely Apartments just down the road. I enjoyed my time at Lovely Apts. and never had any major sucks that I can recall. When the time came, I gave my 60-day notice as required, letting the property management know that I'd be moving out when my lease was up. Little did I know that, upon giving my notice, I would go from Valued Resident to indentured servant.

I was given a 'move-out package' which included a two-page list of instructions - instructions, mind you, not requests - for exactly how I was to clean the apartment before moving out. I was ordered to scrub (not sweep) the floors, wipe the cabinets inside and out, wipe the refrigerator inside and out, clean under the refrigerator, clean the oven, scrub the bathtub, wipe out the medicine cabinet, etc. etc. I was also instructed to have the carpets professionally cleaned and present my receipt upon move-out or I would be charged $120.00. When I called the property manager (I was polite and didn't open the conversation with "are you on crack?") and told her there was no way I was doing that, I was told I would be charged for everything on the list that wasn't done.

Let me say right here and now, I am not saying I'm too good to clean. Of course I'm going to clean before I leave. I'm not a pig, I'm not going to leave filth behind. But I'm talking normal cleaning here, what any reasonable person would do before moving out of a residence. Sweeping, vaccuming, making sure all my trash is taken out, etc. These people were demanding I do a professional grade cleaning job on that apartment at MY expense and that's what I find unreasonable.

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tl;dr: Tenant hands arrogant landlord a move-out notice. Landlord hands tenant a maid's uniform.

EDIT: Okay, most of those who have commented do not feel the landlord was being unreasonable or that they did anything that constituted bad service. Fair enough. I don't have a problem with anyone disagreeing with me. I must say, though, that I really am disappointed to see the level of snark and nastiness spewing out of some people. Having been around this comm for a while, though, I can't say I'm really surprised.
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An update for bad Greyhound service, and some dentist woes

I posted last fall about some epic bad service I received, during my first time using Greyhound. After showing all of you the letter I planned on sending them, I made some minor corrections to it and sent it to their main office in Dallas. They sent me a form letter, and a $90 voucher (which is currently unused!).

Anyway, the real reason I'm posting is because I was reminded (by some recent posts) of some other bad service I've received at the hands of dentists. I'm a bit apprehensive about it because of some of the details of my dental history, but... bad dentists are worse than bad teeth, so fuck it. Anyone that judges me, instead of the bad dentists, can bugger off. :)

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To sum up, if anyone in the Inland Empire area needs the number of a great dentist - let me know. :D

Like I said to someone in the comments of a recent post... I wish dentists realised that they, moreso than anyone else anywhere, need to have good service skills/bedside manner. If they don't, and they scare the right (or wrong, really.) person, then that person might be too frightened to go to any other dentist for a long time. Which, of course, is a bad thing for most people.

TL;DR version (I really did go into a lot of detail.): Having teeth pulled from an improperly anaesthetised head is not fun. Bad dentists = the worst. Good dentists = the best. (And Greyhound continues to suck, of course.)

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So my DH was a best man in a wedding. The bride picked out the tuxes. Their wedding was on a Saturday. Due to the tux place being closed on the weekends, we had to pick up the tux on Friday. The guy says it's due Tuesday. After the Wedding, we check the hours to bring it back Monday since both he had to work Tuesday, and I had to elderlyperson-sit on Tuesday. Tux place is about 30 minutes away. We find out, they're closed on Mondays too! And Tuesday they're only open 10am-8pm. After Tuesday then they tack on a whole bunch of fees. That is some bad business practice... the least they could do is have some sort of "drop box" or something.

We have 1 car, so once he got out of work, I was to elderlyperson-sit, but I let my mom do it and I was out $40 just so we could bring the tux back. Who in the right mind would say here's your tux on friday and say it's due by tuesday, but be closed saturday, sunday, and monday!?

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car rental woes

First: I have a ZipCar account, which is essentially a car-sharing system or co-op. I made a reservation over a month ago for one of the cars Saturday-Monday. I was planning a long weekend trip to Connecticut for two big events, hence the planning ahead.

Collapse ) This is obviously not that "bad service" part of the story.

That comes now... I just so happened to be in front of Avis when I got off of the bus, so I go in to see if they have anything available... and luckily, they do. The old man was very nice to me, but busy... there were several people waiting behind me, and he was the only person waiting. It was 2:00 and I explained to him what had just happened with the zipcar and that I'd want to bring the car back at 3:00 Monday afternoon, etc. He explained to me the coverage charges for the insurance, had me initial it, then sign the contract and got me in my car with an estimated charges bill for $166. I thought I was all set.

I went to return the car at Avis today, and I was running about 15 minutes late. I pull in, park, and go in. Once again, there's one person working in there & she asked me to move the car to another spot because I happened to be blocking someone... so I did. Finally, after waiting almost 30 minutes, it's my turn in line, and she goes to inspect the car, then charges my credit card & I notice that the charges are $250.43. I ask her about it... and :

Her: Well the car is almost two hours late, just sign here...
Me: No, I got here at 3:15, the car is only 15 minutes late.
Her: You were supposed to have it back by 2:00pm, so it's late & there are people waiting in line
Me: That's not my problem, and I was supposed to have it back by 3pm, not 2pm... I told the man I wasn't going to be back in town until three.
Her: It's in the computer as return at 2pm... see right there on your contract THAT YOU SIGNED it says "24:00".
Me: Ok, well then that's a mistake. I told the man 3:00...
Her: Well, even if you HAD told him 3:00, you're still past the grace period. And he wouldn't have put 3:00- our minimum charge is 24 hours, so you can't just have it for an extra hour.
Me: What's the grace period? (every time I've rented a car elsewhere it's been a one-hour period)
Her: 29 minutes... it's now 3:45.
Me: I was here at 3:15- you asked me to move the car, remember?? And I've been in here waiting in line ever since.
Her: You should always get here early because I can't backtrack in the computer. And besides, I can't do anything because our minimum is 24 hour period. I can't do anything about that.
Me: That makes no sense whatsoever. It's NOT my problem that you're understaffed and I had to wait so long I've now expired my grace period. And the previous gentleman did NOT explain to me the minimum 24 hour period, and he said 3:00 was fine. He never mentioned ANYTHING about grace periods, being late, or minimum charges. May I speak to your supervisor?
Her: I'm the only one here, you can call the 800 number, but your cc is still going to be charged.

At this point, I see I'm getting nowhere with her because she keeps looking past me, rushing me, half listening, etc. So I just sign & decide to call the 800 number. The guy that ends up talking to me is beyond rude... tells me, "Why did she tell you to call here? I can't make adjustments. You have to talk to the desk. You are at fault... it says right on the contract 2:00. Etc etc"

But this is my thing... I would have had NO problem waiting until three to get the car on Saturday if the guy had told me ANYTHING was wrong with me bringing it back at 3 today. I would have no problem if I felt like this were my fault at all. The man didn't explain anything to me or go over the contract with me.... and most likely because he was in a hurry due to him being the only person there.

And the girl at the counter clearly pawned me off on the 800 number because she was too much in a hurry to provide proper customer service. I feel very, very frustrated and cheated. I plan on calling the desk again tomorrow morning and seeing if there's a supervisor because I feel like this is a classic case of bad customer service. How am I supposed to just KNOW there's a minimum of 24 hours if nothing like that was explained to me?? They shouldn't assume that everyone knows all of their policies.

The $41.65 Charge I Did NOT Make!!!!!!

OK so here is the way it went...

I went online to check and see if my direct deposit had cleared the bank yet.  I need to keep check at all times on what has cleared the bank and when as I will be moving soon and need to know when it is safe to close the account and how much I have left to do things with.  That being said I checked the balance tonight in my cherub like demeanor. I look gazingly upon the bank's online banking screen.  

It was then my jaw dropped open and I started pointing at the monitor and making a wheezing throaty noise that lead up to something that the fiance calls demonic possession.  The anti virus people I used a year ago charged me for this coming years service which I have not only not ordered or wanted, they had not emailed me or billed me warning me they would do so and time to cancel.  My service for this year is not even up yet!  I have a month to go yet they are all ready charging me AGAIN without my consent.  Well that sent the old proverbial blood pressure through the roof and this roof has cathedral ceiling if I may add.  So, being the business smart person I am, I look for their web site and get to the Contact Us portion that is hidden in gray at the bottom.  *They really hope you don't find it*  I find a toll free number and think "this will be easy and all will be well in no time.  NOT SO!  My call went sort of like this....

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My bad service is not that I did not get the refund.  I am supposed to get a refund.  (full amount)  The bad service is why don't you bill people or email people to let them know this kind of thing?  They could save a lot of hassle with people if they would just notify them somehow and give them a time margin to respond.  If they don't respond in the time they get charged.  I could accept that.  Seriously I could.  But this charge out of nowhere?  No that is not good.  And for them doing this they will get me not recommending them to my customers, as well as I will NEVER use them again, and have all ready told my family what they did.  I can't believe that people could entertain the notion of doing this.   If I had not had enough money to cover it they would have made me have an overdraft charge to pay!  And 5 business days?  Come On!  I could handle 2 to 3 but 5??????  Seems a little long to me.