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Hi! New here, and I just had a horrible experience with a vet clinic. I've read here about people giving their stories about doctors and such, so I assumed this would be acceptable to post about! If not, just let me know and get it taken right down.

UTC due to the talk of death of a pet, and some information about her visit that might squick people out (needles, bodily functions) - also must note that the situation was somewhat resolved in the end but I'm still. Not. Happy.

Second cut has under it a nice little story of a worker at a local store calling an elderly woman stupid, while I was in hearing range. Not amused. Same worker later on refused to help my gramma and I find a DVD we were looking for.

*EDIT: for my horrible spelling and random words popping into my typing.

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Minor Suck at the Vets'

Minor bad service but it pissed me off.

Recently our household has expanded to include two chinchillas. They seem to be in good health but I thought a check up at the vets wouldn't do any harm. We already have a pet bird and are registered under his details. I will point out an issue that is my fault and that is we haven't changed addresses with the local vets since we moved. But I thought that would be an easy task to do. Apparently not.

I phoned the vets to make an appointment with our prefered vet. The receptionist seemed a little sharp on the phone. I assumed it was due to them being busy (I had to wait on hold for a couple of minutes). I tried to explain that we were registered with the vets under a different animal. However I wanted to book an appointment for a check up for the two chinchillas. This washed over the receptionist's head and she became increasingly grumpy. Whilst trying to find our record she screamed down the phone at me "How many animals are you bringing?!" as I explained for the THIRD time that we were already registered with them under our bird's details. She couldn't find our old address on the system or my pet's name which was a little odd. Since we got the bird 18 months ago, we had to visit the vet every 3 months due to a problem he had with his feathers. Also he has a slightly unusual name that does make people do a double take.

After eventually getting an appointment booked, she realised that my chinchillas had not visited the vet before. Suddenly she whipped out this statement of "You need to book a double appointment if your animal has never visited us before." So she cancelled my appointment and re-booked me in the following day. I've now had to move a coffee date with a friend I haven't seen in a while. Minor gripe but my original appointment (for this afternoon) was much better.

Throughout the entire conversation she was very snappy and did not seem to listen to what I was saying. Apparently she has a history of this. I made the above phone call at work and some of my colleagues overheard me. One asked "Was that X at Vets you were speaking to? She's a nightmare." She has my MALE colleague registered as Mrs Jane Smith. Also I was on the phone for almost 10 minutes (not including my hold time). Previously I have had appointments booked in less than five minutes.

It's shame because my previous dealings with the admin staff at this place has been very good.

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Vet in Texas

So I took my new little toy poodle in today for her second set of shots.  This is her first visit to this vet, though my other dogs have been several times.  The staff there are usually pretty, um, angry ... they act like they can't answer questions or anything.  I understand you have a ton of animals to take care of  and tend too, but geez.  Anyway, so I go in and they ask my name and blah blah blah.  So then they ask who I was bringing in and I told them her name was JUICY and that she was a toy poodle and that she was 9 WEEKS and 3 DAYS old.  So we wait (there was only ONE person in front of us) and then we were called.  My boyfriend and I take Juicy into the room and the vet calls her JUICE - uh, okay - we just figured he was being funny or whatever and then he tells me that he'll see me in two weeks - okay.  I go up to the counter (after handing off Juicy to said boyfriend) to pay the bill and the staff person hands me her flea/tick/heartworm and I ask her why not just a heartworm pill and she coldy tells me that the vet likes puppies to be on this medicine, but when she's older, I'm free to put her on whatever - alright.  Then she tells me that they'll see me in a month - uh wait - the vet just said I would be back in two weeks.  She then tells me YEAH THAT'LL BE A MONTH - since when did two weeks become one month.  So anyway, I go to put Juicy in her kennel for the drive home and I start to go over the paperwork and low and behold the staff woman typed in JUICE for her name?!?  Come on - I coulda spelled it for you, but I figured since a 9 year old could grasp her name, you could to and she also wrote that Juicy was 9 weeks and 2 days old (not a big deal, but really?!?)

More Bad Medical

I went to the same doctor as my Mom. My Mom thought she was great, “she'd sit and talks with you.”
Not with me, it was like 2 mins and she was out. I was going every month to get my blood sugar level check, they would poke my finger, which really hurts, but at least they weren't drawing blood, which scares me silly.
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as relayed to me by my fellow receptionists

This is tale of bad_service from my place of employment. I work at a well-known animal hospital.

New receptionist makes appointment with Doc for a new client/patient bird. She checks with Office Manager as well as several techs to be sure Doc will see a new bird. He is no longer accepting new dog/cat clients (but our other docs are; we are a 5 doctor practice) and is the only one who will see birds; however, he only does beak/nail/wing trims. We send sickies to another specialized vet.

Ok, on to the bad_service. Woman comes in. Never been seen. Waits for her appointment only for the Doc to refuse to examine bird and send her out, telling her to tell us that he doesn't know why we [receptionist] scheduled her with him and that he isn't accepting new bird patients.

I don't see why he couldn't have appologized, made an exception, and checked her bird out, and I don't know why he didn't tell us himself instead of making her tell us herself after not being seen.

She was very upset and understandibly so. How embarassing for our clinic.

This was bad_service all the way around from my coworker making the appointment for this poor woman without actually checking with Doc and the way Doc handled it. He was a complete jerk about this whole thing.

*Edited to add that he is the owner and for clarification. Sorry for the confusion!

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Not really a bad service experience but I wanted to talk about it anyway. I managed to get two weeks off (since my boss is such a jerk it was a great acheivement). However, I have a cat and unfortunately I was unable to find anyone to look after her so I boarded her at my vets. They told me it would cost $12 a day plus a $20 shot against kennel cough equaling $188. That was fine. Due to problems with my flight I ended up having to pick her up two days later. I called 24 hours ahead of time so I wouldn't get a late pick-up charge. That made the total $212 or so I thought. Turns out that since my cat needs daily medication they charged me an extra dollar per day, they also gave her a feline distemper shot and flea treatment (a preventative measure against picking up fleas during her stay). This raised my cost to approxiamately $310!

Now, I'm fine with the fact that there was a fee for medicine application as my cat's not the friendliest thing on four legs. Also, the other medication they gave her was acceptable too. My problem is that they didn't mention any of these additional fees! I don't think this was bad service, but as a student I'm low on funds and if I had know about the additional money I would have budgeted better. Now I'm going to be strapped for cash until the end of the month when I get my next paycheck. I firmly believe in the fact that if you can't afford the vet you can't afford the pet so that's why I set aside $250 just in case. I didn't think it would go up to $310.