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Could you look up the definition of "news", please?

Dear Bergen Record,

There a lot of things that count as news and are worthy of front page coverage: politics, the economy, crime, environmental disasters, etc. Heck, I'll even grant you sports.

An upcoming episode of South Park? Not by any stretch of the imagination.

ETA:Apparently, expecting non-fluff news on the front of a newspaper is the minority opinion on this com. *shrug* Oh well, I'll just depart from the thread with a "YOU KIDS GET THE HELL OFF MY LAWN!!!" and leave it at that.

BTW, could the tagger add the "I dare you to say Hastur three times" tag? Not related, but I like that one.

Edit:To correct embarrassing typo.

short mod note...

not that I'm a short mod, I'm 5'10... I don't know how tall the other mods are. How about - Brief Note From a Mod?

Aaaaaaanyway - we seem to be getting a few more posts these days and wouldn't it be neat if they were being tagged in an expeditious manner?

Of course it would!


Who wants to be a tagger? It's super easy and super fun! comment here or send me a pm, k?

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EDIT: just so we're clear - tagging with a sense of humor is fine, encouraged even usually, but on the odd occasion when someone posts something of a more sensitive nature, that kind of thing needs to be respected and not mocked.

Strange Call

So I checked my cellphone on my lunch break at work today and I had a missed call and voice message.  The missed call was from 1-877-676-5866 and the voice message was some kind of enya music.

Has anyone else here gotten something like this?  I tried to find out who the company is, but Google isn't turning up much.

I know this isn't really bad service, but the music thing creeped me out and I know the members here are really good at finding things out like this.