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bad_service's Journal

Bad Service
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complaints about bad service, and related discussion
Get ripped off at a department store? Eat bad chicken from your local pub & grill? Pass out waiting in line at the grocery store? Get mistreated by that convenience store clerk who hasn't the foggiest clue what he's doing? Then this is the community for you. Rant, rave, or complain about the bad service you've received, whether it's from your local telco, your government agency, babysitter, or sky-diving instructor. Annoyances and WTF situations are fine, just indicate them as such.

#1) Leave comments enabled, unfrozen and unscreened on all posts. Allow commenting on your post. Do not delete or screen comments. To further clarify: You may delete your entire post. You may not delete your own comments, whether you are the OP or a commenter in a post. You are not allowed to delete or screen comments from others. If there is a problem, then notify a moderator with a link to the comment. There is an open post here for your use. As well, private messages can usually be sent to the mods through via profile through the “send message” feature.

#2) Posts, comments, and icons that contain slurs, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, etc are unwelcome. Posts with such content may be edited to comply with the rules. Comments and icons will receive a warning followed by banning if the offense is repeated. Please refrain from using icons featuring explicit pornography, or shock images (this will allow people to view this community while avoiding work). We are not necessarily a 'safe space' but we do want all members to feel comfortable and welcomed.

#3) If you have an issue with a post or comment, you are free to discuss and debate it. However, using slurs against another member will NOT be tolerated and you will be issued a warning. No flame-baiting. The point of this community is to rant about how pissed off you are, not to piss people off. We welcome vigorous discussion, but please keep it on topic. Attack the argument, not the person making it. Do not troll personal journals, or bring information from personal journals into the comm for the sake of argument. Along these lines, service is bad because of what people do, not who they are. Keep that in mind when posting and when discussing a post. If you feel a community member has overstepped the line, please contact the mods via the methods outlined in the rule one.

#4) No off-topic posts. Your post must relate to bad service in some fashion. The actual bad service should be in the post, not clarified in comments below. If you find that members are asking for clarification, please edit your post to reflect the expanded information. Old bad service is fine. Debate over whether something is bad service or not is fine. Bad policy is fine. WTF service is fine. Advertising related communities is off-topic without moderator permission. Spam posts are off-topic, and will be deleted and the poster will be banned. Flounces are off-topic. Complaints about LJ and other LJ communities are off-topic. If you are not sure if your post is on-topic, ask a mod.

#5) No grudge posts or comments. Posts should relate to specific instances of bad service. This also ties back to service is bad because of what people do, not who they are- whether company or individual. Comments should be on topic and about the bad service posted, not the OP/another commenter.

#6) If your post is difficult to read because of formatting, you will be asked to reformat it. Posts should be made using the Livejournal default settings- no special fonts, colors, spacing, etc. Wall-o-text posts should be broken into paragraphs. As well, if your post is long, please use an lj-cut. If your post contains images, put them behind a cut.

#7) Trigger warnings may be used at the OP's discretion. If someone asks you to add a trigger warning to your post, please do the considerate thing and do it. If you have any questions about when trigger warnings are appropriate, please contact a mod.

#8) You may post news stories as long as they are on topic.If you post a bad-service-related news story, your post should include more than a link to the story and your opinion. Please include the text of the story (behind a cut if it's long).

The mod team is available for assistance and if there is a problem, that's what we're here for, but we're not omniscient or online 24 hours a day, so please send a message if you have an issue or a problem with a poster, post or comment.

RE the tags: This community uses two kinds of tags - information, which is the what and where, and reactions tags. You have to have information tags; reaction ones are applied at the discretion of the mod. If you disagree with the reaction tag, post to the mod contact entry linked in rule one.

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Helpful links:

The Consumerist - All sorts of useful information and tips for the consumer, including on how best to get better service when things go wrong.
GetHuman.com (was Paul English's IVR Cheatsheet)
- for getting hold of real people instead of a computer
- includes Canadian numbers, UK numbers, and US numbers
- other countries, if available
Kelly Blue Book - New Car Pricing, Used Car Values (USA)
Canadian Red Book - Canada's "blue book". (order only, can't browse for free)
LJ Seek - Search for a term or phrase in bad_service (enabled as a convenience to members and non-members)

This community is directly inspired by its parent communities, co_workers_suck & customers_suck. Check them out sometime; they hate stupid people, too.

List of Clarifications:
-Please remember to maintain a certain level of maturity when you tell others to grow up.
-People will often ask for extra-ordinary proof for extra-ordinary claims. This is normal.
-Bubbly cheerfulness is not bad service, unless you've paid for the goth concert tickets.
-Sometimes people are wrong; it's not necessarily you. Of course, sometimes it is you.
-Old bad service is welcome! Just don't be hung up on it.
-This community is not meant to be an echo-chamber.

bad_service was created by bashou, and is maintained by sharz.
Your co-mods are

Use this link to contact anyone of us

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