A photographic memory but with a stuck lens cover (kellirose1313) wrote in bad_service,
A photographic memory but with a stuck lens cover

My hubby and I often go to the local Golden Corral when we have extra money. The main reason is both girls are guaranteed to eat full meals without my having to make seperate dinners. We tend to tip well for good service (5 on a 20 bill, more if you're nice). Unfortunately it seems that the waitstaff there have lost their minds.
The last 2 times we've gone the servers have come to take our trays and direct us where to sit. This is fine by itself but the sign says seat yourself.
The first time the waitress took us to a seat by a window in the back section. Now I have 2 kids under 5, I like to be at the open end by the food to save walking time for the girls and just generally not feel cramped in. There was a row (no joke) of empty seat right next to that one and I took my tray to a closer to the end table and she tried to argue with me. I explained to her about the girls and she tried to insist the window was better. (later a different waitress helped us and brought plates so I think I chose a spot out of her area and that's why but still). If you're snarky with me from the start you're pretty much guaranteeing a bad tip. I don't tip for attitude.
The second time this different women came and tried to take the tray from my hubby to seat us. There were 3 things wrong with this.
1. We hadn't even gotten our drinks yet
2. I hadn't even paid yet.
3. She actually tried to force the tray out of his hands when he wouldn't let go.
Once we finally got drinks and paid she took us to a table that was fine. However she refilled drinks twice, and took plates after 5 had piled up. She never actually spoke to us at all, past the first time of asking which kind of drinks we had. My husband drinks tea with every meal. We have a running joke with several staff there to just bring out 2 drinks at a time since he drinks that much while there. (they do that and if saves them time). She ignored me when I told her this. The waitress at the row of tables next to us was bubbly and noticed I was quietly singing with the overhead music (oldies) and actually sang alittle with me. Our waitress was an emotionless robot. Now I understand that cheerful all day is not humanly possible without drugs. However acknowledging my existance would be nice since your service is directly pertaining to your tip.

I told him the next time we go if it happens again we'll go to a different location. I'm all for assertiveness but I don't want to feel pressured when I go out to enjoy myself.

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