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Hokay, I just got a bill for $550 for some blood work done at my dr's office for my yearly checkup last month.

Apparently, my insurance company told the lab that they (the insurance company) weren't my primary insurance company. (?!) Okay, those $8 are coming out of every paycheck I get, uh... yeah, ya are my primary. In fact, they are my ONLY insurance company (for medical stuff).

Anyway, all the offices closed 5 minutes before I got through after sitting through their stupid automated system... so I'll have to call back tomorrow and be like, "What's going on? You ARE paying this, right?"

--; Grrr. Stupid Cigna.

And now I'm all angry and stressed, because why is my insurance company saying they aren't my insurance company? I get coverage through the company I work for-- automatically (see above about the pre-tax deductions from my paycheck) so there is no way I missed a payment. I've always gotten coverage for this kind of blood work before from the same Insurance company and the same lab (approved by my PPO). So why would this happen now?! I have a $500 debt and I'm not happy! >:(

Do you think it's just a mix up? I'm so nervous until I get this cleared up. :-/

eta Okay you braggin' Canadians! :D I get that living up north in the ice and snow totally wins with the free health care. ;) You don't have to tell me you guys have it better. (Just kidding, brag all you want... )

eta 2 Okay, so I talked to the insurance company and the lab incorrectly billed them, when they should have billed my dr's medical group (this is according to the csr I spoke to, who was very nice). She said she'd take care of it (took the invoice # and the phone # to the lab to speak to them directly).

This is good service on Cigna's part, but bad service on the part of the lab. (My card says in big, bold letters: SEND CLAIMS TO [dr's medical group] at [address]).

The csr also said this lab has a habit of incorrectly filing claims, and then billing customers right away if the first try to get insurance to pay doesn't work (rather than try again or try other avenues). In my case, that caused some mild panic, but what if some people are elderly or don't understand their insurance, and get this invoice incorrectly? Maybe they would think they have to pay.

The csr said most likely Cigna told them, "Don't bill us, bill [dr's medical group]" and instead they just send the bill to me.

This is the same lab that has contaminated some of my samples, as well as forgotten to take tests so I must give more blood, and it has also screwed up the paperwork before. With that history, I'm gonna call slight bad service on the lab.

If I don't hear about this again, I'll call good service on Cigna's part.

*sigh* So that's it. I'm relieved. Thanks for all your help!

ps. Sorry for the spelling errors. :( I do spell check but tend to mix up spellings of words when I am nervous or upset.
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