Cynamon (dontboxmein) wrote in bad_service,

When Shipped means we won't give your package to a carrier until we're good and ready

I ordered some stuff from for my little sib. I ordered it October 19th the website says it can take up to three weeks to ship, whatever I don't need it right away. October 26th, the status of my order changes from Manufacturing to shipped. 1st clue something is wrong, I wanted delivery by UPS, they give me a tracking number for Postal Service. A week later there's no package I call conversation goes some like this

ME: It says my package shipped on the 26th it's not here, why not
GC: Oh we assign tracking numbers before we ship packages
ME: Ok, but then why does it say my package shipped?
GC: It's in quality control, it should start moving tomorrow.
ME: Umm, ok

Another week goes by still no package, I call again,

ME: The internet says my package shipped on the 26th it's still not here
GC: It still in quality control.
ME: Well if it's in quality control, why does the internet tell me my package has shipped
GC: Well if we didn't have quality control then we would have a lot of screwed up orders
ME: But your system says my package shipped two weeks ago.
GC: It says on our website can take up to three weeks for products to be made and shipped
ME: Well, then why would tell you my package shipped two weeks ago.
GC: Well it should go out today.
ME: Do you not understand? You've lied, you said my package shipped two weeks ago, it should have arrived by now and it's not here.
GC: Well you didn't put a need by date on your order form.
ME: What does that matter? Tell me why if your system says my package shipped two weeks ago that my package is not here.
GC: I'm sorry if our system is confusing, it can take up three weeks for a package to ship.
ME: Shipped means everything is done and my package has been given to carrier for delivery. Why would you tell me my package shipped two weeks ago, if it wasn't ready to ship.
GC: Well it can be in quality control for up to five business days and this is the last day it can be there so it'll go out today.
ME: But if it hadn't shipped, why would tell me has?
GC: Well we can't do anything about it until it's 30 days deliquent.
ME: In my head *I give up* well you can be sure I will never order from you again Click

I was so upset that they wouldn't admit that they had screwed up. All I wanted was a reason why if the system says that my package SHIPPED. That it had not SHIPPED. Seeing as I had called before they would have changed to status of the order to quality control, or back to manufacturing or waiting to be shipped, but no it still says shipped. I swear if that package doesn't arrive by next week I'm going to file a chargeback on my credit card for failure to deliver goods.
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