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fast food blahs...

I love Whataburger. Their honey butter chicken biscuits make me happy. I just don't love one of the Whataburgers in my area.

I'm a delivery driver for an auto-parts store. If I want food, I stop on my way back to a shop from deliveries and pick up something fast. Key word being fast; dispatch calls me if I take too long and wonders if I wrecked or got lost.

So there's this Whataburger not far from the shop. It's actually rather convenient if I have a run that takes me north and past the freeway. However, I will never go there again. Why? Because every time I go, they take 10-15 minutes to get my food.

Granted, it's a relatively popular location, but still. The last time I went, I sat in my truck for ten minutes at the drive-through reading the paper and waiting for them to take care of two customers ahead of me. I don't know if the guy in the front ordered half the restaurant or what, but it really bothered me, and got me in trouble, as Dispatch called shortly after I left and asked where I was. Argh.

If I do go, it'll be after I get a cell phone, so I can get the phone number to corporate and report them if they do this again. But it's likely that I won't visit that one anymore.
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