A life less ordinary... (silencebreaking) wrote in bad_service,
A life less ordinary...

Give Me Your Money!

Those are 4 words that you never want to hear while at your local 7-11 gas station.

I'd gone inside to grab a snack on my way back to the office, and was looking at the chocolate (mmm... chocolate!) when I hear a female voice loud and clear in the store saying "give me your money!". Surprised, I look up, ready to hide behind the pretzel display if need be.

The words didn't come from a person holding a gun. They came from the store clerk. "$3.60. Give it to me!" were the next words that I heard coming from her (we were the only two females in the store at the time, so I knew it had to be her).

Apparently, the man she was ringing out at the time was taking too long to count out his money. And if her yelling at the man isn't bad enough, it looked as though he may have had a disability of some sort (this 7-11 is only a few blocks from a rather large mental health center that has on-campus apartments for some of the patients).

I almost walked out (and should have), but I wanted my chocolate. When it was my turn to check out, I gave her my money. She got as far as getting the drawer open and putting my money in when the phone rang. Rather than counting out my change and closing the drawer, she TURNED HER BACK on the OPEN drawer to answer the phone. I used to work as a cashier. You NEVER turn your back on an open drawer.

When I got back to the office, I called the 7-11 corporate number. I didn't have a name (the cashier wasn't wearing her nametag), but I'm sure they will have no problem figuring out which cashier it was. I don't think they have very many female cashiers that have an "In Loving Memory of" tattoo on the side of their neck. The rep I spoke to was horrified by what I told her.

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