New England 'til I die (wolfp10) wrote in bad_service,
New England 'til I die

State Farm Auto Insurance

On October 28, I purchased my first car in my name. The night before I applied for auto insurance through State Farm Auto's web site, and received a bidder. They also debited my account for the first 3 months of the 6 month policy. I go and purchase the vehicle, and the following week I register the vehicle with DMV, thus getting license plates. So, any day I am expecting to get some sort of packet from State Farm, with my insurance cards and such.

This is where State Farm gets odd.

I receive two telephone calls from my local State Farm agent. Since I am at work, and by the time I get home the office is closed, I leave a message. Before they get back to me and I call them again, I get two letters from State Farm. One letter is a cancellation of policy. According to State Farm, because my father received a moving violation for driving through a stop sign last May, and because my sister received a reckless driving citation for driving 70 in a 55 zone, I will not covered by State Farm, effective December 19.

Now why I can't be covered by State Farm, considering I am the only insured driver under their policy, and the vehicle insured is under my name in both the title and registration is beyond me. Before I can call my local agent I get a check from them, which is a refund for the remainder of the 3 months of the policy.

So I call my local agent, and according to her, because I still live at home, where both my father and sister live (she is away at college, not even living here), we are considered part of the same household, despite the fact the vehicle is mine and mine alone. I explain this to the State Farm agent, and she says if I can provide documentation my father and sister are covered by a different policy, the cancellation will be removed. I say no problem, consider it done.

The agent then called me 5 minutes later, and informed me the national office would not underwrite the policy, even with documentation, since we are still part of the same household. I thanked the agent for her time and hung up.

Am I the only one that finds it odd that even though I paid for the vehicle, it is in my name, I am the only person covered by the insurance that my sister's and father's driving history prevent me from obtaining insurance through State Farm? Granted, I am still living at home, but what if I lived with some friends, or even random roommates, and one of them got a DUI? Would I lose my insurance because of that?

So I do not plan on doing any business with State Farm in the future. I may see if I can file a complaint with my state's (Connecticut) DMV or commission that oversees insurance, because it seems like a very odd practice.
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