Katie (katydid_canuk) wrote in bad_service,

Okay, so there's a restaurant near our house that I tend to frequent quite a bit. My husband and I go there for dinner two to four times a month, and our average tip is usually 20 - 30% (we've both worked in the service industry and tend to tip well). A few times a month my best friend and I go there to have some time out of the house. When she and I go there we usually have just drinks, and end up camping for an hour or two. (We go very very late at night - they are open 24 hours - and usually leave $7 - 10 for a tip on a $7 - 10 tab).

So, the other night my husband and I stop in before going to a movie to grab something to eat. The manager sees us and comes over to seat us himself, as he knows we're regulars. He chats for a bit then mentions it's time for him to go on his break and leaves. The restaurant is pretty deserted and we're the only diners in our half. We can see one other party in the other side of the restaurant, being waited on by a waitress we've had before.

We're waiting with our menus for a while. They're closed and on the edge of the table as we've already looked through and know what we want. We say yes, both pepsis. We're about to tell her our food order when she walks away. Okay, we can forgive this, she's new. We wait, and talk, and I'm starting to get really very thirsty. I can see back to the kitchen, and can see and hear our waitress goofing around with the busboy. We're getting a little squirmy and watching the time - it's now been 20 minutes since we sat down and we're worried about being late for the movie. For heavens sakes we haven't even gotten our drinks yet.

Our somewhat regular waitress on the other side of the restaurant stops over to say hello and sees we don't have drinks. She goes off to get some for us, comes back to drop them off and chat a minute. She says she'll send our waitress over to take our order and heads back to the kitchen, where we can still see and hear her loudly goofing around.

A few minutes later our waitress returns and grumpily takes our order, clearly unhappy that her fun was disrupted. When I ask for onion rings instead of fries, she tells me she can't do that. I tell her nicely, "Oh, but they do that for me all the time, it's $1.00 extra on the tab". She tells me again, getting a bit huffy, that NO, they CAN'T do that, and I must be mistaken. I decide to just shut up and deal with french fries, figuring at this point if we can just get dinner and get out of there we'll be ahead of the game.

We can hear her back in the back goofing around with people again, til she starts squealing and running through the still empty restaurant to the front to hug some guy who just walked in. Ah hah, he must be her boyfriend, we figure, as they start making out near the hostess stand. Then she brings him into a booth near us and proceeds to practically sit on top of him while they make out some more and baby talk one another. Meanwhile our drinks are empty and we're getting crankier by the minute. The cook comes out from the kitchen and brings us our food - making me wonder how long it was waiting back there for him to come out with it. It wasn't hard to figure out where it went as we were now the only people in the restaurant.

We eat, our glasses empty, and the waitress never does come back to our table to ask us how we are, offer a refill, anything. She doesn't even bring the check, so finally we get up and (not wanting to interrupt the makeout session still in progress) make our way to the hostess stand where the other waitress goes to break up the happy couple and get our check so she can ring us up.

Even with this poor of service, my husband can't bring himself to leave the penny tip I suggest, so he leaves a dollar. Apparently she pulled away from her boyfriend long enough to get the dollar, and walks over to the manager who has just walked in. Loudly she says, about five feet away from us, "Look THEY *as she points* only gave me a DOLLAR for a TIP!" The manager looked a little stunned as he knows we are regulars. Our more regular waitress looked flabbergasted as she knows our standard tips are fairly high.

I opened my mouth and was about to really give her a piece of my mind when my husband grabbed my arm and literally dragged me out the door.

My only bit of consolation came when my best friend and I went in there this week. I hadn't been there in a month, partly out of anger for the way we were treated the last time. We had the waitress who was the other girl on the night we were served so poorly and she told me the other waitress had gotten fired the night after we had her. Thank god, she's one person who doesn't belong in the service industry....

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