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I nearly had someone's job and I am NOT a vindictive person. 11:17pm I leave my office, semi-jog to the bus stop because the bus comes at 11:19. I get there, the bus is at the top of the hill (about 45 seconds away) Ok, fine, a little close but I made it.

The bus gets about 30 feet away, isn't slowing. I start stepping close to the curb and waving my hand a bit to make sure he sees me. The bus gets 20 feet away, no slowing, no turn signal to indicate he's pulling over. I start WILDLY waving my hands and jumping up and down. 10 feet away, I start shouting as well.


There's a red light up the road, about 200 feet away. I start RUNNING. I am NOT an athlete in any way, shape or form. I don't make the bus at all. It zips off.

I start walking back towards work, yelling angrily at my friend on the phone since the bus call centre closes down at 9pm and I had no one to take my frustrations out on. Luckily, at this point, a Metro Transit supervisor car is about to go by me. I start waving my arms like a maniac. He pulls over. It's a miracle. Clouds part, angels play trumpets, the whole bit. I tell the supervisor the whole story. He gets quite angry at the bus driver on my behalf and says that he will get to the bottom of all this for me, there was NO reason that driver should not have stopped. It's a brightly lit and obvious bus stop.

Then he drives me home!!

So now that was last night and I'm trying to decide whether to place a fomal complaint since one of the supervisors clearly knows about it. Mum says no, just call to make sure he was spoken to, my friend says yes. I'm on the fence. Your thoughts?
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