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Bad service from a local restaurant

This morning (11/06/06) my husband decided to treat me to lunch at a local diner. We sit and ordered our meal. Waitress is very friendly and attentive. I get my soup first, which by the way was excellent. Next, out comes our lunches: hubby's Mexican skillet and my French Dip.

I pick up the toothpick from the first half of my sandwich to remove the pepper. I notice that the roast beef is cold. I ask for the waitress. I inform her that the sandwich was cold and asked if it was the custom of this restaurant. She informed me that she was unsure as she's never had one. She takes my plate and proceeds to the kitchen to ask.

She brings it back minutes later saying that it was supposed to be hot and that they warmed it up for me. Wonderful! I go to grab the pickle and notice that ... it is hot... along with the tomato and lettuce -- those are now useless to me.

The roast beef is completely dry and the au jus is quite plain. I eat it anyway, enjoying the afternoon with hubby. I look up to see him remove something from his meal... a LONG hair mixed into the food. Quite disgusting! The waitress notices my expression from where she was sitting and came over to see what was wrong. I told her of this discovery.

She takes away the offending food and comes back with a new set of pancakes for us. They are fine this time.

When we go to pay, the owners, who were there the entire time, did not offer an apology, did not offer to remove an item from our bill, so we ended up paying the entire bill.

I told the waitress that she did nothing wrong during this, she was in fact, quite good. The cooks were awful. So were the owners for not providing basic customer service.
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