Lost in apathy (metis2be) wrote in bad_service,
Lost in apathy

This annoyed me, but it wasn't terrible. I have a ton of friends who work at starbucks (about half the staff at the one I hang out at) and I know the company is anal about making the customer happy, replacing drinks if they were made wrong, taste wrong, or even ordered wrong. If someone makes a drink wrong, alot of times the customer gets a new drink, the old drink, and a coupon for a free drink.

I didn't go to that starbucks because it was twice the distance that this one was. I ordered a grande iced no-ice vanilla latte (I'm told that's the way it's supposed to be ordered at starbucks, order it differently and it comes out different). It's cold milk with espresso and vanilla syrup. The guy starts to make it, I see him get a scoop of ice so I tell him quite clearly "No ice". Simple, right? He turns to me and says "It's only a little" and pours about half a cup of ice into my drink right after I told him not to, then hands it to me. Seriously, what the fuck? If I hadn't caught him before he did that I wouldn't be annoyed, but putting water in milk tastes terrible. If I ask you specifically not to do something to my drink, why do you feel the need to do it anyway? Minor annoyance I know, but still...

And no, I didn't get it remade because I had a friend from highschool working there and I did't want my first impression in three years to be of me being a bitch.
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