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Bad service from a school?

I'm not entirely sure that this is the right place for this story.  If it isn't, could someone please point me in the right direction?  I'm at my wit's end!!

My son is in 5th grade and he's not doing incredibly well in school.  At midterm last quarter he was failing every subject except spelling.  His teacher and I have gotten together with the "SAP Team" and have begun the testing process to see if he can qualify for resource help.  This is all going well and I appreciate all that the teacher has done to help us.  Here's where the bad service part comes into play though.

Back in September I got a notice saying that my son had some missing grades in the grade book and that the zeros were really pulling his averages down.  I hunted around at home and found the missing papers.  A couple of them hadn't been graded but 2 had.  I sent them all in and the grades were recorded.  A week or so later I get notice of zeros in the grade book again.  Again, I dig around at home and come across the papers....graded.  On the third incident I spoke with the assistant principal about what was going on.  I thought all was well.

I guess I thought wrong.  On Tuesday we had a parent-teacher conference.  She really didn't have much to say but she did give me a list of 2 papers that my son again had zeros on in hte grade book.  I came home and looked in his backpack and there was the language paper...already graded!  She'd sent it home that exact day...wihout recording it.  I sent it to her along with a note asking what the math assignment he was missing looked like.  The next day she sent me a blank copy of the math paper so I can see if I have one like it.  Who would have thought that I'd find it at home too...again graded...with a 100% on it.  This particular paper even had a note on it from me showing that we'd worked 2 hours and 40 minutes and he wasn't understanding the assignment.  I am now LIVID!  

I called the school this morning to schedule a meeting with the teacher and principal and get to the bottom of the situation but in my opinion there is no excuse for continuously not recording a child's grades.

Each and every time I've received a notice of a missing grade I've assume that my son skipped out on doing his work.  His self esteem is suffering because he's actually doing the work and being accused of not doing it.  It's really frustrating.  Anyone have any suggestions to how I should handle the situation without flying off the handle when we do have our meeting?
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