Kai Nimura (kai_nimura) wrote in bad_service,
Kai Nimura

In tears.

Advice needed...

So I commisioned a beautiful baby replica black cutsew *my gift to myself for quitting a horrid job, and dumping a horrid boyfriend- my cheer me up gift to myself*, from a highly experienced comminiser on egl. I was given a great price, a time frame 2-3 weeks to make, and promises.."I'll send a completion notification when I'm done, with photos. ^^"....

The commison was made on, Jul 31st *where I sent the first email*. It is now November 5th. Luckly I have every email saved, I just want advice on what to do / what kind of review to leave on loligoth_dbs.... as this has been the worst, most unproffesional, badly carried out transaction I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. I have read so many good reviews on her work, I have seen her work and it's WONDERFUL. So of course I was expecting the same kind of behavior - actions as her work. Professional.

I'm in shock how bad this has turned out.... I was never told when it was done, I was never sent photos, I was never told when it was mailed-no trackin number / proof of shipping. Nothing. In all honestly I have no proof it even exists. I find it hard to believe that such a person who is very well liked, and has done so many good commisions could be THIS irresponsible.

And now it looks like it may be lost in the mail...........

I'm upset because it looks like I will NEVER get this one item... I've been offered a refund if it does not show up in a week. I'll take a complete full refund *aka everything I paid plus the paypal fees, I paid.* if it does now show up in a week.

What kind of review do I give? / What should I do now?
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