Ashley (ramblng_tigress) wrote in bad_service,

not so much bad_service as...

eh service

ok, so i missed the last shuttle my uni provides for students to shop last night, so my friends and i decided to call a cab company that has earned one of the exclusive rights to user our campus cash program (basically like a prepaid account. you put money in, and can use it later for goods at school without messing with real cash).

we called, and the phone operator told us it would be 15 minutes. the guy showed up after we waited for almost 30. not so bad, but a little annoying, since it was 10 at night.

we get in, tell him where we are going. now i know the rates for the cab service, i read it on the door. $2.30 initially, and 40 cents for every quarter mile after that. my school is 2.3 miles from the mall, going the long way. it's about a mile and a half going the shorter way

easy math right?

what should have been around a $8 cab ride, including tip, came out to $13 bucks, because the guy decided to go around the long way, even though he knew it would be faster and easier to go up the short way. instead of turning at the light, like a person with common decency would have done, they decided to go all the way up and around, and through the entire campus, almost doubling the fare.

i kept my mouth shut, and paid for the fare, but i'll tell you this much, the last cab company that was contracted to use our campus cash program that did this, was yanked out of the program for "juicing" the fares

as it is, the guy drove out of his way, slower than traffic, and swerved in and out of lanes. a 5-7 minute ride took us the better part of 20 minutes

i was not a happy cabber

i'm sorely tempted to complain to the school department that deals with this, because i wonder how many kids are getting gypped out of their money because they are too tired, or too drunk, to realize the cabby is juicing the fare

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