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Canyon Cuisine

Right now my parents and I are vacationing in Arizona. The other day, we did the tourist thing and went to the Grand Canyon. While we were there, we ate lunch at one of the lodges. I decided to make lunch my main meal of the day, and ordered their artichoke alfredo.

This was a very expensive, old, and snooty place, and the service was, frankly, terrible. Now, we don't like overly friendly servers, but they shouldn't be cold and disapproving. Our waitress' assistant, who's job it was to go around filling waters and bringing small things, totally forgot to refill our waters, which wasn't good, since I don't drink anything else. (I'm a bit of a water addict.)

Then the bread came, with no butter. My mom had to try to catch our waitress' eye and get her to bring us some. Eventually, the rock-hard, straight from the freezer, disks of butter got to our table. The bread wasn't even all that great.

When the food came, I noticed something amiss. My dad had ordered a pastrami sandwich, which looked nice and large, my mom had ordered the "Navajo taco", basically a taco salad with fry bread underneath, and there was tons of that. My alfredo, on the other hand, was dinky. I thought "Oh, well, it will be great, and Mom probably won't be able to eat all of her food anyway."

I took a bite of the garlic bread on the side of the bowl. It was stale. It was rubbery. I tried the alfredo. It was totally bland, the tortellini overpowered the sauce, and the bits of prosciutto were practically invisible.

As I ate the tiny amount I noticed my dad taking the bread off his sandwich. They had coated the bread with extremely spicy mustard that wasn't listed on the menu. I ended up eating his bread for him.

My mom's meal was the best of the three. It was actually quite good, with no lurking mustard or stale bread.

We were all quite annoyed with the place and the bad service, and gave the waitress a slightly diminished tip.

If you are ever at the Grand Canyon, DO NOT eat at El Tovar lodge. (At least I THINK that's the name. I don't care enough to look it up.)

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