. (teethvsclavicle) wrote in bad_service,

I made a post back in September about my psychiatrist,
maybe someone will remember: http://community.livejournal.com/bad_service/926252.html#cutid1

A few people suggested that I obtain a copy of my records from
him, not for another doctor but for myself. I've been looking,
but I can't find a law that states that I am legally entitled
to a copy of them from him for my personal use. [I know that I
cannot hand deliver a copy of his records to a new doctor, but
I'd like a copy of them for myself.]

I've been trying for weeks and just two days ago was finally
able to actually TALK to someone in that office [I'd left several
messages/emails, all of which went unreturned] and signed a
form to release them to myself. However, since signing said
release, the doctor has decided that he won't provide me with
a copy after all.
I was lead to believe that I would be able to get a copy from
the receptionist the day I drove out of my way to sign the goddamn
paper and now I can't?
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