labelsmaker (labelsmaker) wrote in bad_service,

Bad B2B service

You'd think that a major shipping company would be able to ship blank labels to a corporate client without much trouble. You'd be wrong. First they couldn't overnight them. Which, wha? We offered to pay extra, but still no go. So, fine, we bought labels from another vendor that could overnight them as a stopgap. Then the batch of labels from the shipping company doesn't arrive when it should, and they apparently can't explain why. Tracking? Nope, that's not available either. And oh, when they do finally arrive, we discover that the glue they use for both the beginning of the roll (easily discarded) and the end (not so easily) gums up the thermal printer which they gave us.

I could also talk about the crappiness of the shipping software, but that's rather common across all shipping companies I've found.
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