Gaymer.Ceez (thegreatcootie) wrote in bad_service,

Bad phone service becomes good phone service

For a long time I used Virgin Mobile's pay-per-month plan because it gave me just enough minutes and didn't charge me crazy ammounts of money if I went over by a few minutes. I payed 34.99 for 300 anytime minutes and 1000 night and weekend minutes. That's plenty of minutes for me since I make most of my calls at night.
A few weeks ago I decided to switch to their 6.99 a month for 10 cents a minute all the time plan. I chose this because I realized I didn't even come close to using up my minutes, and I was using my phone's AIM more often. I thought this would be easy to make the switch since I still had money on my account from when I first bought the phone and added a few bucks to buy ringtones and such. Wrong.

Went to the website to switch, I entered in all my info, and I get an error page saying I had entered in my credit card information wrong. I entered in all my info again, thrice, but nope... no avail. Finally I decided to wait since my month wasn't nearly over yet so I could still use up my minutes.
Wake up a few days later to a text message from Virgin saying my account had been charged for a new month... one week ahead of time. I thought this was weird, but I wasn't going to argue with it because it's not like I needed to switch desperately or anything, plus I'd plan to go another month with this plan at this point.
Forward to the actual due date, and my phone service is suspended for "insufficient funds". They tried to charge my debit again and of coarse it didn't go through because there was no money in there. I only leave in what I know will cover bills and put the rest in a seperate account, so when they charged me the first time it took care of the money in there. I try to switch service options again so I can go ahead and use my phone, but no, it's still saying my debit card info is wrong. The same info it just used to charge my twice... So now I am minus 34.99 and a cell phone.

Now I'm fuming, so I try to find Virgin's contact info. It's nowhere on the web page, and I had to call the activation number and bypass all this stupid voice-menu crap (god I miss touch-tone) to get to a live person. This is where things head toword Good Service.

The guy I spoke to was very apologetic and explained it was a glitch in the system. He wasn't loud or rude and pretty much agreed that it was their fault, and was more than happy to refund my account. He credited my card back for the 34.99 charge, and switched my service to the 6.99 plan for me. He then went the extra mile and gave me 5 dollars bonus credit on my Virgin Account for my trouble, which is really cool considering most phone companies don't refund diddly-squat let alone give you free money. I have never had a problem with Virgin Mobile until now, and unless they drop the ball really hard on my toes, I won't be switching companies for a while.

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