marveen silverhand (marveen) wrote in bad_service,
marveen silverhand

What is this, bad service week?

It's two-for-one week, apparently.

I've recently taken up spinning for a hobby--I knew HOW to spin for years, but I've only just started looking around for sources of supply...since spinning is a bit rarer and supplies harder to find than knitting.

Anyway, I found a local woman who sells fiber prepared for spinning out of her home. I bought a roll of her stuff when I happened across the Fiber Arts exhibit at the Western Washington Fair and it's so nice (and so cheap), that I contacted her about buying some more.

That's where the bad service starts.

It took her two weeks to reply to my initial email, and she apparently thinks punctuation and spelling are optional. Undeterred, I replied, asking if I could come by and examine her wares today. (I was quite specific, saying "Thursday afternoon".) Her reply to this was short and to the point--"that would be fine".

So, around two this afternoon, I set out, telephoning in courtesy to warn her of my imminent arrival. For twenty minutes and fifteen miles, the line was busy. When it WAS finally answered, it was by an elderly relative who couldn't sell me anything, did not know I was on my way, didn't know when the owner would be home, and took my number in an unconvincing manner. Argh. Her stuff may be very nice and very cheap, but I may have to go with someone else unless she gets her act together.

The second story happened to a friend of mine, but it happened while he was a guest of mine at my gym. It was his first visit there, and I introduced him to all the regulars who are more or less my friends. Unfortunately, the afternoon desk-girl is apparently ....

Background: shift change happens at one. We arrived before twelve, so we checked in with the morning desk-guy, a very cool character.

You see, I had to leave promptly at two in order to be to work at three. My friend, M., had swum while I lifted weights, and at twenty of two declared his intent to go for a brief run outside. I agreed to this and sat down in the lobby to await his return.

Exactly at two, getting a little antsy, I carried our bags out to the car to save time. The desk-girl said goodbye to me as I lugged them out the door.

While I was out in the parking lot, M. came back to the lobby to find me gone. And Ms. Afternoon proceeded to pull the NASTIEST attitude on my friend. When he wanted to poke his head into the weight room to look for me, she demanded that he pay a day-use fee. He pointed out that he had BEEN in, used the facilities, and spoken with Morning Guy and the Owner already to no avail. (True--he ran into the owner in the hallway and they exchanged greetings.)

Then M. asked that she page me by name, and Ms. Afternoon acted as though she had never heard my name before. (Not just feigned ignorance, but the snotty attitude with it, as though she didn't believe any such person as Marveen existed.) And all this when she knows my name, sees me four to five times a week, and had said goodbye to me just moments before.

I only found the details out on the drive home, but rest assured that I reported her behavior. Apparently there have been several complaints about this type of thing.

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