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I went bra shopping this evening, which is a task I have historically hated until about a year ago, when I found The Perfect Bra. The style fits me perfectly, is flattering, and the fabric is moderately attractive. More importantly, it is actually comfortable -- a challenge to find for us large-chested gals.
So I thought today's shopping trip would be quick, since I would just need to find that same model/style of bra and be on my way. I *did* find the exact model and style of bra, only to find they have apparently updated their sizes in the past year. So now the bra is significantly smaller. As in almost a cup size smaller, thinner straps, and the band size shrunk by nearly an inch. Everything else about the bra is identical, the new models are just of absolutely no use to me. And they don't make the next size up in that style.
Just to note, I haven't grown in the past year, I know the bra is sized differently because I wore my Perfect Bra to the store, and held up the two bras to compare sizing while in the fitting room, and the new bra is absolutely smaller than the old one.

I spent the next two hours trying on almost every bra in the mall, with no luck. Almost all the bras they make in my size are horribly unattractive, are cheaply made and don't provide adequate support, or simply don't fit correctly.

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