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Knight of Mars, Beater of Ass.

Bad, then more bad, then good bank service

Now, I know that this isn't as bad as a lot of the posts in this community... but it frustrated the hell out of me, and I really didn't need it on my one day off.  Quick background:  I recently bought into the house that my parents own - they live elsewhere, I live in the house, and rent out a basement suite.  I'm in charge of keeping all the payments and maintenance issues in order.  This is particularly challenging, as my mother is a control freak, and still thinks I'm 15 years old (I'm 28).  This means that I have to do everything perfectly, or else!  As well, this complaint is about CIBC bank.

Having said that, here's the annoyance at hand:  A couple of weeks ago, I opened a new account to hold my tenant's damage & pet deposits.  It's Canadian law that when the deposits are returned, you must also pay any interest accrued on that money.  So I went in & set up a new account solely for this money.  My regular personal banker wasn't in, so I was sent to a "regular" account manager (my usual lady is a "premuim" manager, but I'm sure it doesn't make a difference)  Anyway, I went in and talked to her, set up the account, nothing major happened.  She was very nice, though slightly scatterbrained.  I had to spell my last name for her twice, despite her having my other accounts' information on a screen in front of her.  But I thought nothing of it.  She asked if I wanted cheques for the account,I told her no, as I wasn't going to be accessing this account until the tenant moved out, when I'd just take everything out and close it.  This was October 16.  When I left her, I deposited the $600,and went on my merry way.  It should have been done - not to be worried about until my tenant moves out.

I got cheques mailed to me last week - but there was no invoice, so I figured that it must be complimentary cheques.  Stupid to assume, I know, but every other account I've opened has netted the same result (though at a different bank- my other accounts at CIBC are joint accounts with my Mom & Dad, so they get the statements and mail for them).  I stashed the cheques ina drawer, never to be seen again.

So then, I get a statement  later on last week.  I didn't open it until today, since it shouldn't have anything on it to worry about, and I was planning on going through all my mail on my day off (today)  So, i opened it this morning, and the first thing I noticed is that my last name is spelled wrong (despite my telling her the right spelling twice, as I mentioned before) - there is 2 "r"s and 1 "t" in my last name - she had 2 "t"s and 1 "r".  Not a big deal - I would have overlooked it.  Except that in the account activity, which should only have 1 transaction - my initial deposit.  But there's a charge, for $22.26 - for the cheques.  

So I call the bank's "customer service line", and get a guy who starts asking me verification questions.  I know why they do it, I ahve no problem with that.  but he starts asking me about my chequing account - this account is for paying my car loan - I put one cheque in a month, for the exact same amount, on the exact same day, monthly.   He asks the last amount deposited.  I tell him.  He "umms" about it, then asks for a recent debit purchase on this account.  Of which there is none, as I don't use it for daily transactions- just the loan payment.  So he puts me through to a supervisor, who asks me some other questions, which I answer with no problem.  So she puts me back to the first guy.  He lets me explain the whole issue to him, then tells me he can't help me on either problem - I have to physically go into my branch and deal with it.  Which I can't do, since I have to wait for a service guy to come look at my garage door (which is a whole OTHER complaint, but I'll wait till they show up to gripe on that.)

So, grasping at straws, I call my branch, hoping that they can fix it over the phone.   (the bad stops here) I spoke to the manager,who asked me a few verification questions - the same ones the "customer service" guy asked me.  I answer them the same way for her, and voila! They're all the right answers this time. I explain the problem to her, and within 5 minutes, she's fixed it all, through the computer system that the other guy said can't process the information she just put into it.  Credits my account (even for the intrest I lost in the 2 weeks between the charge and now!), tells me to have a nice day, and all is good.

So, yeah, it's all better now, but I was chain smoking and pulling out hair for half an hour, all because some ditz can't listen to me when she asks me questions.

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