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Gamer girls gone jackass?

I do not know if this is true, but I have heard that many females like to "fight for dominance/territory" with other females.

I have experienced this in many aspects of my life.. I am not a whore, I do not sleep around, but females tend to HATE me. I am so terrified of females that I make sure to never work with any or encounter any in life, but sometimes I have had to and ---nearly--- every last female I have EVER met *****(even my own mother and stepmother [who beat the shite out of me])***** has made it a point to go out of their way to make my life a living hell.

Now I do not know if this correlates with my encounters at EB Games and/or GameStop, but EVERY female I come into contact with at those stores is a BITCH. Feel what you want to feel, you know, but not when my fiance and I make a $120 and/or a $50 purchase at YOUR STORE, because we could easily go elsewhere. >O

EB Games Encounter:
-When asking a CLERK questions about games, memory cards, and consoles I was given an attitude from hell. She was snappy and rude, and I was about to tell her to watch her attitude but I didn't want to embarrass her or myself. I asked when World of Warcraft, Burning Crusades was coming out (the release date had been moved) she snapped "I don't know."


She could barely answer ANY of my questions and they were simple questions! She just made me feel really stupid every time I asked her anything... :(

Gamestop Encounter:
-I asked one girl (the one who didn't know what a dual shock controller was) if they were hiring and this other girl walks up behind the counter and not even a second passes when she practically spits "NO."

OK. The funny part is that I came here because the girl at EB Games was bitchy as hell. I thought I was being paranoid but when I mentioned it to my fiance he said that she did sound very bitchy. I won't be shopping THERE again either.

From now on I will go to Amazon. That is ridiculous.

Should I report them? The aforementioned stores are owned by the same company and if they hire females, or anyone for that matter, they should probably remind them about how to properly execute DECENT customer service. It's not like I was running through their store shouting controversial statements and messing up their shelves, and the store didn't close for another 2 hours.


Edit: I am not "misogynistic," I am actually very big on female rights. My fiance also noticed the rudeness of the girls in the stores and especially the one that spat NO at me when I inquired about a job.. why would I be misogynistic? I feel like they know everything and I know nothing.. I come to them for help and they are rude to me.

I do not HATE women, I am scared of them. I am sorry if this post, in ANY way, came off as "misogynistic." =/
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