Shalen (buesefus) wrote in bad_service,

Cross-posted from customers_suck

"After about four sucky tips in a row from people that I was nice to and running around as quickly as humanly possible for, I had one guest who just ripped out my last nerve.

The table was nice to begin with. Ordered three drinks from the bar (non-alcoholic, but much more expensive than a soda without the free refills). Ordered a soup. Ordered an appetizer. Ordered three meals. When I brought their meals, the annoyance began. They asked for everything in the restaurant. One. At. A. Time. I still, cheerfully, gave them everything they asked for, as soon as they asked for it. They then paid their bill with a gift card and cash. I asked if I could get change for them. They said no. I had to go to the station across the restuarant to do the gift card (otherwise our system crashes). And then I realized that they gave me about $4.25 on a $53 bill. After deciding that I wasn't going to take anymore crap that evening (and knowing full well that they got AWESOME service), I returned their change and said, "Here's your change."

Them: No, hun, that's for you.
Me: Oh. Did I give you bad service?
Them: ........
Me: Was there something wrong, because you never made me aware of any problems?
Them: .....

Later they slipped me another $2, which still wasn't 15%. But it was better...

I can't believe I had the guts to do that."


Anyone else here see anything wrong with this?
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