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bad dell support

Likesebbythewolf's wonderful experience with Dell I had the lovely displeasure of having to call Dell tech support for "help". My video card died. Of course you try the usual try another monitor, another tower..etc on your own. Then you call in cause you know as a customer with a warranty with Dell, you can't replace something on it without voiding the warranty. Then you call tech support and they are limited in what they can do but I didn't think to this extent. But anyhow, I myself work in a call center, I have worked for two different companies one for desktop computers and the other which I am still on an ISP. So I can safely say I know a bit about computers. I'm not claiming full knowledge of everything but I know if I have the power supply or the monitor plugged in or not. I'm not that stupid. 4 phone calls later, 6 and a half hours I'll never have back, I have a resolution. I don't mean to offend anyone, its just these three people I felt were rude, and seemed to not know what they were doing. I know everyone starts somewhere but come on telling me things that indicate you are new..bad, bad, bad, I lose my faith in you and your ability to fully help me and my issue. Cut for length.

Call 1: was made by my mom I just go the jist from her. She said the woman didn't know what she was doing, kept putting her on hold saying she needed to speak to her supervisor, so my mom hung up on her.

(I had to take a day off work to travel from London, Ontario to Oshawa, Ontario, about 2 hour drive to fix this issue for my mom)

Call 2: I called around 9:30 so I expected long wait..etc. Convo all from but is how it went...

Me *waves* I just want my video card replace.
DD1: Dell Dumbass 1
DD2: Dell Dumbass 2
DD3: Dell Dumbass 3

After getting through the prompts I got a human..
Call 1

DD1: *happy greeting* you calling about pos computer?
Me: yes.
*I verify my address/phone number.*

DD1: So what's the problem your having?
Me: I'm getting plaid like lines, there vertical and horizontal on my screen. I've tried another monitor and I still have the same issue. I've tried this monitor on another tower and there's no issue.
DD1: So your monitors not working, okay so we can set that up to get it replaced.
Me: No it's not my monitor. I've tried another monitor, and have the same issue. I've tried this monitor on another tower and there's no issue, my mom called in the other day and was running through troubleshooting with a woman and she kept telling her to pull out the card but failed to mention the screws that hold the card in place.
DD1: Ok, give me a sec.

*troubleshooting ensues* 2 hours later. 4 hold times of 10+ minutes each he wants me to do the same thing we just did. Why? Because "I probably hooked everything up wrong and I don't know what I'm doing." That's what pissed me off. I understood all the computer lingo he was using I didn't say to him that I am computer illiterate. In fact I even told him I worked for a computer company so I at least know how to hook up a computer. So it was wrong of him to assume that. What I hate more than anything and he even asked me if he could call me by my first name. I said yes. He proceeded to call me ma'am.. I hate being called ma'am. Why I don't know. I guess I'm just weird in thinking that cause I'm 22 I'm not old enough to be called ma'am. What is old enough? I nana!? Anyways, I became the customer I hate talking to after he basically called me stupid.

Me: Its obviously my video card, the last agent said that and now I can't get anything on my screen.
DD1: Ma'am, we don't know that its the video card, we need to figure out everything that's going wrong with the computer. You can't get your monitor on, there should be something on the screen when its connected, or not. You should know that. We can't just replace video cards. What does it say on the screen?
*monitor cable is disconnected as per DD1's troubleshooting*
Me: Now that can go either way depending...*guy cuts me off*
DD1: Ma'am you should see something else on the screen. Whether its connected or not. Somethings probably not connected properly. We need to try *same step we just did 10 minutes earlier.*
*I should note at my work, when our IT dept comes in and disconnects the monitor from the tower they get the same message. Are they connecting and disconnecting things wrong?*
Me: This is stupid. I shouldn't have to run through all this fucking shit over again. It's my video card. I have a warranty for this very reason.
DD1: Ma'am you are going to have to remain professional. We have to figure out everything that is going wrong with the computer before we can send you out a video card.
Me: *getting frustrated and pissed, that I had to do the exact same troubleshooting my mom did 2 nights before* I have already taken a day off work to call you. I just want my video card replaced. I don't want to do anymore troubleshooting. Just replace my video card.
DD1: We can't just replace the video card, cause it may be something other than the video card. So what if its not the video card?
Me: Then I will have to take another day off work to call back in and do more troubleshooting. I'm not doing anymore troubleshooting, I just want my video card replaced.

DD1 puts me on hold again. Comes back tells me to call customer service to set up the service. Gives me the number, case number, tells me I can't call them until Monday. So I waited until Monday. I got up early to call in. Customer service tells me they don't send out video cards, that they only handle..get ready for this.. monitors. Fucking monitors. Give me a break. So she transfers me to tech support. She was the only one from Dell that a) treated me with respect, b) apologized for the incompetence of the agents before her and c) did her job.

Call 2
DD2: Your calling about the pos computer?
Me: Yes.
*I verify my address/phone number for the hundredth time*
DD2: So your getting vertical and horizontal lines on your monitor?
Me: Yes, I've tried another monitor. I've tried the monitor that is connected to this tower on another tower and it works fine no problems. I've tried connecting another monitor to this tower and I get the same issue. Obviously I do not have two defective monitors. Its my video card not my monitor.
DD2: Okay, we do not know that it is your video card. I see here you did call in but we have not determined that it is your video card.
DD2 decides that the other two calls meant jack and we need to do more troubleshooting. So I agree thinking maybe we would try something different and maybe get it working so I continue with the troubleshooting. DD2 has me do everything the previous agent had me do. All I can think are no notes being taken? Is what I'm saying mean shit? Oh right I'm stupid in Dell's eyes. Finally after 2 hours on the phone the time for me to catch my train back to London approaching. I had, had enough and asked for a supervisor.
Me: This is stupid, my mom called in and ran through these steps. I've run through all these steps twice now. All calls have been more than 2 hours each, this is ridiculous, I have to head back to London to go back to my job, to make money to pay for a computer that I can't even use. Get me a supervisor.
DD2: Okay, let me put you on hold for a bit and I'll see if I can get one.

*waiting 10 minutes, he never refreshes me, I have to leave to catch my train home and hang up*

I work an unconventional shift so I have to call around my time I'm home and free for a good 10 hours for Dell. So it was another 2 days before I had time to call in.

Call 3
DD3: *happy greeting* you calling about pos computer?
Me: Yes.
DD3: Can I get your computer service code?
Me: dgjskl656546djk*
DD3: *reads it back*
DD3: Can I get the phone number on the account?
Me: It's supposed to be 905-784-9456*...but
DD3: Uhmm, that's not what I have.
Me: You probably have 519-895-9457* but it was supposed to be changed to 905-784-9456*.
DD3: Okay, I'll change it. Do you have a case number?
Me: Yes I do.. 52313245*
DD3: Okay just let me read over this and I'll place you on hold for a few minutes.
*10 minutes later* (* obviously means not real..made up for fun. Area codes though are real)
DD3: Just give me a minute to look over this, can you hold for 2 minutes?
*places me on hold for a good 10 minutes, before coming back to tell me we have to do troubleshooting again*
Me: I'm not doing anymore troubleshooting this is ridiculous, I've called in 3 times and spent well over 2 hours on each call doing the same thing over and over..
*cuts me off*
DD3: I see you called in and you disconnected the call so not all troubleshooting was done.
Me: Yeah, the first call was from my mom, she didn't feel comfortable going inside the computer she told the woman that but she wouldn't listen so my mom hung up. The second call I told the guy I had to leave to go back to work and he never refreshed me and I couldn't miss my train so I hung up.
DD3: We still have to do troubleshooting to figure out if it is the video card or the mother board.
Me: I've spent too much time on the phone running through the sames steps over and over and I just don't want to do that anymore. I'm sick of this. I had to do tests to tell the guy what the lights were doing on the motherboard and on the back of the pc. I'm not doing anymore troubleshooting, I just want my video card replaced.
DD3: Ma'am we can't just replace the video card, it could be the motherboard what are you going to do if you get the video card and it still doesn't work?
Me: Well then I'll have to take another day off work, call in and do more troubleshooting with you wonderful people. I'm tired of doing the same things over and over. If we were doing something different each call I would understand that but haven't in all of the calls I've made.
DD3: Let me put you on hold for a 2 minutes and I'll see what I can do for you.
Me: Ok.

*waiting...oh there's two minutes gone by. Oh look my sister's back with the laundry. 6 minutes. 8 minutes. 10 minutes. 15 minutes. Is he building the video card? 20 minutes. I was using the hold time to calm down. Cause I know being a complete and total bitch won't get me anywhere but when it hit the 25 minute mark I was like wtf is he doing? Finally 26 minutes later he comes back to tell me he's able to set me up for a service. But decides he will try one more time to troubleshoot with me first.*

DD3: Thanks for waiting ma'am. If we could try to reseat the video card again we can determine for sure if it is the video card or the motherboard.
Me: I'm in London at work, I'm not in front of the computer and even if I was I wouldn't do anymore troubleshooting. I'm tired of doing the same damm thing over and over.
DD3: I understand that ma'am but we do need to figure out everything that is going on with the computer. Put yourself in my shoes and you would see why we have to do this.
Me: I am in your shoes. I deal with customers everyday over the phone.
DD3 chuckles like a giddy school girl and then sets me up for a service. Gives me confirmation number and we disconnect the call. 1 hour later I got what I wanted. I probably could of been nicer, I know I should be considering I work with customers in phone support, now I am a lot more weary about getting my customers to call Dell for support.

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