louise danger (alethiometric) wrote in bad_service,
louise danger

an update on the potential package purloiner!

original post

(nutshell: three weeks ago, i ordered something from amazon which amazon/USPS said was delivered but i never saw, and it wasn't on the books in my building; desk assistant said she would look into it two weeks ago.)

fast-forward to now: beyond the DA asking me if i'd gotten anything - i guess a week ago? - i hadn't heard anything else, and i was a little upset. so i emailed both the reslife director (the supervisor for the desk assistants) and amazon tonight.

amazon says they delivered it to what was my address last year; if it's not there, i can get in touch with the post office to see if they have it.

/eyeroll with a small side of /foot-in-mouth

thankfull both of my emails were polite, if the one to the reslife director was a little bit impatient ("have you gotten a chance to follow up on this?"). i'll swing by my old residence hall tomorrow during the day to see if it's there - it shouldn't be; the DA said she would check over there. but it might be.

the post office is serious business. i'll edit this sometime tonight when i find out if it's there or not.

edit: hokay, so.

1. i visited my last-year dorm and they didn't have it. it wasn't in their log, either, despite being shipped to them.
2. i just got off the phone with the post office (good_service, i love talking to the postal ladies here) and she said to call back between 8 and 9 tomorrow morning so i could speak with the mail carrier.
3. the reslife director forwarded my email to the DA supervisor, but i haven't heard anything from her. i'm pretty close to walking across the hall (her office is on my floor) but i think i should get dressed first. :)

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