julesfod1957 (julesfod1957) wrote in bad_service,

Bad service from USPS

I went away for a couple days and decided to stop the mail via online application. Huge mistake. When I got home, I opened my mailbox by reflex when I walked through the front door, and it was like a clown car in there, except with mail instead of clowns. There were squashed magazines and bills, and a six-pack of mail secured w/ a printout of my name and my request to HOLD the mail at the P. O. until I picked it up. To top it all off, the six-pack of mail belonged to a NEIGHBOR with the same last name. What a riot. I thought about complaining to the postmaster but our service has gone to sh*t the past few months and it knew it would do no good and possibly spark retaliation from the mail guy. I got a notice from my dr. about a forthcoming check and needless to say I'm a little nervous about that check winding up where it's supposed to.

Suggestions welcome. Thanks for listening.

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