emptyobsidian (emptyobsidian) wrote in bad_service,

Nothing heinous but...

I was at a restaurant like Applebees/Ruby Tuesdays (along those lines)
We are seated and the hostess takes our drink order and brings us our drinks saying our waitress will be here in a second. The "waitress" comes and takes our orders. We never see her again. A runner brings our food and I am already finished with my tea. I suck it up and eat anyways while trying to make mad eye contact with the waitress who seems to breeze by and deliberately NOT make eye contact. I even wave once or twice and get ignored (embarrassing!)
Note this is over the course of an hour so I am not whining after 10 minutes of not having a drink. As we are sitting there, suddenly something crashes onto our knees. Its the little...table extender...For the life of us, we cannot get the stupid thing back up. We finally get up and wander around until we find another employee-what looks to be a manager type person. We tell her what happened and that we could not get ahold of our waitress. Manager type person stares at us, huffs, walks over to our table without a word and proceeds to give us a lecture on how to put the table extender back into place. And not in a funny haha just so you know tone of voice-more like we are two small children employees who she has had to show a million times. (and it wasnt THAT simple-there were little wire things you had to pop into place!)
My mom timidly mentions my drink and once again manager lady huffs off and another waitress brings me a refill. Our waitress makes one last appearance and looks annoyed when we give her our credit card right away without looking at the bill(no way in hell we are letting her walk away again-a quick lunch stop was already becoming a long one!)

So not exactly heinous, but jeeze, we are never a demanding table. One refill and not having a heavy piece of wood laying across our knees is not too much to ask :p

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