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Subway Stupid

First let me start by saying I live in the south, and I have a slight southern accent, and I do not feel bad of making fun of this idiots accent, because she truely talked like this and was a complete MORON. 

Now, my friend Tanya and I went out shopping yesterday and decided to stop by Subway to pick up food before heading home. I wish we hadnt. 

Meet Uniqua(not her real name), the Subway "special" employee of the month-she is truely Unique. First Tanya orders, she goes for a cajun roast beef sub. Well, the woman says "ayre you sure youuu wan' tha' sub? I's soooo hawt even REAL cajuns won' eat it!" OMFGZ. Shut up! You know real cajuns??? So then she is taking forever to make it, so I go to the bathroom while she's making it and come back...and she's not even half way done! So she's putting all the hot stuff on it, then Tanya asks for a sauce and she says "You wan' CHI-POLAY on that! I's HAWT hawt! Yeah, that Chi-polay is sum hawt stuffs." Ok fine, wtf ever. She gets it done and takes 10 more minutes to make a 12 inch turkey with lettuce and mayonaise. She wants to know why Tanya doesnt want cheese, and then gets confused over the mayo. 

On to me. She asks me what I want. And as simply as can be I say "A 12 inch Subway Club on wheat." How f*ing hard is that? Not 30 seconds later..."you wanna 12 inch?" Yes. Then, she gets confused..."was that a Club?" Yes. Ok, it takes her 5 minutes to put the meat on...then I tell her I would like pepper jack cheese and lettuce, thats all. "YOU DON' WAN' NO MAYO-NAISE??? WHY???" Who the f*k cares, I dont want mayo. Shut Up and get to the register. We get down there and I tell her I would also like a large drink and thats all. She gets a confused look and says "was that a Subway Club?" OMFGZ HOW F*ING STUPID ARE YOU!!!????YES IT WAS.  The phone rings. Its for her. I hand her my credit card (I had no cash on me) and of course, the machine doesnt work because the phone is off the hook. She says "Oh, let me get this, I'll be right back, promise" Well, a few minutes later she finally comes back and finishes ringing up my order. She says "thank ya, come again!" And I stand there looking at her. Finally I say, " can I have my cup please?"  I got my Dr Pepper and left vowing never to go back if she is working.

I know she isnt the only idiot Subway employee,Subway tends to hire people with less than adequate IQ's to perform their job. My husband gets harrassed every time he goes in and orders a veggie delight, they are always telling him that he should eat meat and thank gods they make the food right there or he might end up with a slab of meat on his veggie sub. But come on, its not rocket science. Gods forbid you have to remember what kind of sandwich you are in the middle of friggin making. Or know how CHIPOTLE is pronounced :|.
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