kaycee (ballroom) wrote in bad_service,


surprise, another bad McDonalds experience.

I went to the McDonalds by my work a few times over the past 2 months or so, and every single time the service was horrible. the first time, it was for breakfast & the hashbrown was so hard & burnt I could barely bite into it. they promised to send us free coupons or whatever, which I have yet to recieve. the 2nd time pissed me off.. because I'm VERY kind to anyone that has a job in customer service. I went through the drive-thru because I was really craving their fries. when I started to eat a few of them, I found that they had absolutely NO salt on them. I don't like too much salt, but a McDonalds fry is not a McDonalds fry unless it has some salt on it! it tasted horrible. so I went inside & kindly asked if I could please have a fresh box of fries. the lady sighed and trusted out her hand to grab my box of nasty fries. she scooped up some new fries, dumped salt on them, and thrusted them to me. when I said "thank you" she just scoffed and walked off.

then about 2 weeks ago, I went inside for breakfast because the drive-thru line was long. the cashier mumbled a "can I take your order?".. I placed my order and went to hand her my debit card. she SUCKED HER TEETH [worst fucking sound ever! gah!] and pointed at the debit machine. I said "oh, sorry" and made my payment. when she handed me my bag of food, she was holding it by the very corner tip of the bag, as if it were a gross sack of garbage [close comparison, though. I suppose in some aspect, McDonalds food is garbage] and once again - when I said thank you - no response.

I know these people are probably sick of flippin' burgers, but if you're going to run any business relating to food & customer service, don't be such a huge bitch about it.
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