Feyna (caligogreywings) wrote in bad_service,

waffle house

So I got off work tonight, from Jimmy's, after having dealt with a headache and bitchy customers (but that's another story).

We went to Waffle House, because I really wanted some nice grits and eggs. This particular WH is rather small, and sometimes crowded, which was the case tonight. I was ready to be patient, because really, there's nothing else open around town besides a few fast food joints, and an IHOP that we'd already been in a million times. We waited a few minutes for a free table, and in the meantime, saw two guys come up to the "bar" for a to go order--which turned out to be a big one, this does matter.

A table opened up, and we sat down, though it hadn't been bussed yet. We sat... for maybe close to ten minutes, before the lady cleared it away. She wandered off, and it was another five or so before she came back to get our drink orders.

Now, I'm not a terribly impatient person, and I'm certainly pretty understanding if a place is busy--Jimmy's gets busy a lot when I'm working, and people are cool.

But when she came to get our drinks, she told us to "hurry, so I can get this order". So she rushed us, so she could work on another order. Then she went to the table behind us, which I think sat down after us, and took their order.

I guess what bugs me is just that the entire time we were waiting, the lady passed us by several times without making any eye contact or attempting to apologize for the wait, or anything.

In the end, we left my friend's coffee behind (which she hadn't even touched), left a buck for it, and just walked out. It was just too much to bear.
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