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I believe I already wrote a post like this last year...

Why is it that whenever I try to get a packet it never works out due to some stupidity on the packet delivery service's side? I think I already posted about this last year.
But is it too much to ask that when they fail first delivery (which I totally understand, after all I am rarely home during the mornings) and we pick out a time for a second try with CS, that they
a) actually are there at the scheduled time
b) try to use the phone number that they insisted I give them
c) READ the information about the building's keycode?

Seriously, I get a packet via such companies once per year. It's not even always the same company. It's never been the same address so far (so it can't just be the local company that sucks). Why is it always the same problem? WHY?
(if there are any packet service drivers in here, maybe you can enlighten me?)


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