Clair Brodie (clair_brodie) wrote in bad_service,
Clair Brodie

a walmart suck

My mom and i went to walmart like 2 weeks ago. The sign at the door said all clearance shoes will be 50% off the marked tag.
Mom got a pair of shoes marked $7 so when we get to the register they should ring up $3.50 and if not then the cahsier (should) know to correct the price. (seeing as I worked at walmart like 2 months prior and she worked with me then and for like ever, she should know to do this jsut in case anyone asks WHY the cashier should know this)

We go to the checkout. The lady is just about to the shoesm, my mom tells her that they should be half off when they ring up wrong. The cashier just tells us that they probably are. I speakk up and tell her that no, it says half off of the tag. Cahier takes them out of the bag and rescans them. As she is doing so she says somethng and my automatic response to not being able to hear someone is 'huh'... well she looks at me and mocks me and goes "HUH" in a really snotty tone.
I can understand if i still worked there it would be a coworker joking but I am not longer a worker I am now the customer and I think that was just rude.
My mom went and got a complaint card (she was rude thru the whole transaction not jsut the shoes but that is what stuck out) but i do not know if she turned it in.

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