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3 business days = a week and a half?!

Hi all. I've never actually posted in this community (though I've been a member for quite a while), but this situation has me seeing CRIMSON, so I need a place to vent.

Let me set this up for you. I am currently in grad school, living 1500 km away from my family, in another province entirely. Now, even though I am in grad school and therefore am probably considered "too old" for such things, my mother still sends me "care packages" every now and again.

Since Halloween is coming up, she took that particular opportunity to put together a package for me. It's got the requisite cookies/candy in it, as well as some personal items that I left at home in September and that I requested she send.

Anyway, she wanted it to get here in plenty of time for Halloween (plus, there were cookies in it), so she decided she would try a new courier company that has set up a branch in my hometown. The company is called "ShipIt Super Express Courier."

When she dropped the package off on Tuesday, October 17, she requested and was charged for two-day delivery service. She was told that I would receive the package on Thursday, October 19.

It is one week later (NINE DAYS after she originally dropped off the package), and there is no sign of the package on my end yet. I am pissed beyond belief.

My mother called them last Thursday, and they told her then that what usually happens is that they gather up all of the packages destined for my town (it's a university town and apparently they deliver a lot of packages here) and deliver them all in one day -- usually a Friday. So they told her then that I would definitely receive the package on Friday, October 20.

Friday came and went, and still no package.

Both myself and my mother were getting beyond angry at this point. She called them again, but got no answer (this in the middle of a weekday.) She left a message on their voicemail, but did not receive a callback.

It has now been nine days since that package left my hometown, and I have yet to see hide or hair of it. My mother has been keeping track of the number of calls she has made to the company -- she has made 9 calls to them in the past two days, left 9 voicemail messages, and has yet to hear back from them.

Today I called them myself, ready to rip them a collective new one. Now, before I go any further, I should tell you that this company has Caller ID on their phones. Okay, so they KNOW when my mother is calling, and I can totally see them all sitting there going, "You answer it." "No, man, I'm not answering it, you answer it!"

Anyway, I figured if I called, my number would simply show as "Long distance", since I'm calling from out of province. No answer (of course -- I kind of wasn't expecting one), but I did leave a very angry voicemail. I tried not to be TOO pissy, but I honestly didn't feel like kissing ass at this point. The voicemail went something like this:

"I am calling to check on the status of the package that my mother had shipped to me NINE DAYS AGO. You may remember it -- it's the package that you said would take TWO DAYS to get to Nova Scotia from Newfoundland? Yes. Well, it has not arrived yet and I would very much appreciate knowing where the hell it is, since my mother paid for express courier service. Now I don't know how time works in YOUR minds, but in MY mind, 'two business days' does not equal 'nine days'-- and nine days does not constitute 'super express courier service'. My phone number is 902-xxx-xxxx, and I will be expecting a phone call from you by the end of the business day. If I do not receive one, rest assured that I will be calling you first thing in the morning -- and I will continue to keep calling you until you actually answer the phone and give me a satisfactory explanation for this situation."

Honestly, I am pissed beyond belief.

And just to answer questions that I KNOW are going to come up:

-- My mother did not send the package via Canada Post simply because she thought that courier would, obviously, be faster. Plus, this company was less expensive than Canada Post, and she had heard good things about the company from some friends of hers. And yes, yes, I've heard the saying "You get what you pay for," but when you're trying to save money, you'll grab every opportunity.

So yes. I just needed to rant about that, and my housemates have heard it enough already. So thanks for listening.
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