down to the heart of it (onedizzylizzy) wrote in bad_service,
down to the heart of it

Dear FedEx Guy,
I understand that there are several buildings in my apartment complex, numbered evenly from 6002 to 6032 (so that's about 15 buildings, with 155 apartments total, 10 apartments per building approximately).  I understand that means there are 15 apartments numbered "403".  

However, your job (and not mine, nor the apartment complex's, by the way, neither of us has the time to go check all the #403s in the complex to see where you left the package.  It isn't a scavenger hunt) is to deliver that package to the right 403, in the right building.  If you can't distinguish 6002 from 6012 from 6022 from 6032, despite the LARGE numbers on the outside of each building ... that's a problem.   If you don't feel like having to walk up the stairs to more than one 4th level apartment to deliver the package, that is also a problem. This is the SECOND time in 3 days we've encountered this EXACT difficulty.  Your job is to deliver the package to the correct door.  Or to leave it in the office.  Neither of which you are apparently interested in doing.  Nope. You'll just drop it at the first 403 you locate.  Yah. That's a problem. 

I don't pay, and companies don't pay, outrageous amounts of money to have things overnighted only for you to drop the package wherever is easiest for you.  I'm not saying it is easy or fun for you to have to go up four flights of stairs.  I'm sure it is no fun to have to do it more than once if more than one building has a delivery on the 4th floor.  But, alas and alack, it is your job.  And it only makes life more difficult for you, me, the fed ex customer service line who has to put an investigation out as to where you've left the package, the apartment complex, and whoever owns the apartment you left the package at when you don't do your job.   You're testing my patience, and making me seriously consider whether or not I use fedex in the future.  

Disgruntledly yours,

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