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My older sister worked at the Walgreens near my abode eons and eons ago, but there still remains one woman there from that time. None of us like her, as she is gossipy, rude, and forgetful, and tends to run around accusing shoppers of shoplifting...this includes a four year old girl. Apparently they keep her on because she won't leave, but they've put her on photo processing since she is the only one who is trained and can work ungodly hours.

I drop my film off on Wednesday. It's the shots of a weekend trip with two friends when we did all the normal things stupid friends do. I come back the next day and she is working. I go up and she grins madly at me and pulls out my pictures. As I am counting out the money to pay for them, she says 'Isn't Carytown wonderful?' I freeze. Carytown is where I spent the weekend. I look up at her in horror. I know that film processors see the pictures and at first I thought 'Maybe there was a picture in there of a sign?' but there isn't. Then she goes into detail about some of the pictures. Here follows the conversation.

Me: Me
WW: Wacky Lady

Me: Yes, Carytown was great. How much was that?
WW: $17.67. I just don't get out there often, but you girls seemed to have fun. *takes money, slowly counts it as she yaps* Who was the little Chinese girl? She's so pretty! Especially that old hat she had on. (we took pictures of trying on clothes in a thrift shop)
Me: Er, that was Kim. She's Korean.
WW: *laugh* Can never keep those straight. But I don't think you girls are old enough to be smoking.
Me: *desperately wanting my change* Well, you know how it is.
WW: Your mother wouldn't approve. *laugh*
Me: Nope. Sure wouldn't.
WW: Well, I'm glad you girls had fun. Here you go, $2.33.
Me: Thanks, bye.

What the hell. She went THROUGH my bloody pictures. The only shot of any smoking is one Kim and I took of each other and Erin is sitting on the hood of the car in the background. You can BARELY see her. I was so pissed off I was shaking.
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