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Despite the fact that there are a vast quantity of posts in this community about how much Comcast sucks, it HAS to be better than Adelphia... Thank god they are buying out Adelphia, I just hope to got it goes through soon!!
Another example of Adelphia suckage:
This evening my internet went away. I just got a sad red page letting me know that I was unable to continue with my Adelphia installation (huh?), and to please call Customer Service. So I spend the next hour and a half speaking with Donna. Now Donna is a very pleasant Canadian (at least she can speak English, eh?), and during the lengthy process of trying everything under the sun to get my internet back, we bond over our distaste for the concept of eating moose, the Native American word for Red Onion, and our hatred of computer gnomes. However, as I am starting to yawn continuously due to the fact that, I dunno, I have been talking to her for well over an hour and fiddling around with my computer with no success, she finds out that...
OH, my computer has been flagged for possible unsafe activity... Errmmm, huh?
Well she gives me this whole scripted speech about the steps I need to take to make my computer Safe again, and then she turns my internet back on. Apparently my account should have been flagged, so the initial hour and half of conversation, computer fiddling, unplugging and replugging of various computer devices WAS COMPLETELY UNFUCKING NECESSARY. And she wasn't even able to tell me WHAT about my computer activity was unsafe, only that it may have to do with email or copyright violations... Ummm, OK, I have already been busted for file-sharing once, and I KNOW that isn't happening on my computer anymore, but she wasn't able to give me any further explanation.
So I need to visit Adelphia's E-Safety website and do what they say within 24 hours or they will take my internet away again. Ya know, there was plenty I could have accomplished this evening (even if it just involved curling up in bed with my latest book), that did not involve bonding with a friendly northern neighbor... And I don't personally blame Donna, as it wasn't her fault my account wasn't properly flagged, but still WTF?
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