Mad Hatter (wordsgate) wrote in bad_service,
Mad Hatter

David's Bridal D:

Last week I went to David's Bridal and found the wedding dress dreams are made of. I'm really excited about it, it fits perfectly, doesn't need to be altered, and it makes me feel like a princess. Since I am not getting married until Feb 2008 I have a while to keep my options open in case I find something else or to see if the price drops a little. All is well, right?

The night I had tried on dresses I checked bad_service and someone posted something about David's Bridal and how they put your number on a calling list. I was a little worried, but when I filled out the form (you fill it out before they let you try on dresses, sneaky!) I checked off that the number was a CELL PHONE. (I do not like landlines, too many telemarketers.)

So I thought, hey, I should be okay. It's a cell phone, I have an invisible shield to protecth my phone as cell phone numbers can not be given out!

Boy was I wrong.

All week in the mornings, I have been getting strange calls from an 818 number (area code) and seeing as I live in the 520 area code, it worried me. Immediately I thought it could be the DOOM of David's Bridal, but I thought I was being paranoid as this person never left messages and I was too lazy to call them back.

(I am never up in the mornings and don't answer as I work evenings.)

Today I finally answered the 818 number. It was After Hours Evening Wear wanting to sell me a great deal on tuxedos for my wedding. After explaining to the guy that my wedding was in 2008, I am not looking for tuxedos quite yet, he goes, "OOOOOOOH."

Annoyed that it was David's Bridal (I asked where he got my number) who sold me out, I called them and had them put me on their DO NOT CALL list this afternoon.

Ten minutes ago...I just got ANOTHER call from After Hours Evening Wear, a different lady, trying to sell me tuxedos-- and I had to explain that this was a cell phone and to please not call me.

My cell phone number is now tainted. D: D: D: I am peeved at David's Bridal for giving my cell phone number out but I really, really want the dress they have. I don't know if I should rebel and buy somewhere else, or see if they actually stop calling me.
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