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So three friends and I moved into a new flat on June 1st. After being given totally wrong information by our landlady (who absolutely sucks, but that's another rant entirely) about who supplied our utilities, we eventually ascertained that it was NPower when they sent us a letter about a week after we moved in. Cool cool. I called, gave them meter reading for the gas and electric, everything was fine. We got a gas bill about a month in, everything was normal, paid it off, no problems. Alas, t'was not to last.

The first electricity bill came a few weeks later. It was for just over £50 which seemed right, only problem was the reading it was based off. They'd used an estimate for the current reading, but the initial reading for when we took over the property was totally wrong. THOUSANDS of units off the reading I called and gave them. So I called, told them about the mistake, gave them an accurate current reading and was told a correct bill would be sent asap. And it was. And it came. And they'd adjusted the current reading, but not their made up one for when we moved in. Result of this? £50 bill went up to £500. For two months supply. Wuuuuh?

So I call again and the guy realizes straight away what happened, apologizes and say's he'll have that rectified asap. Fine fine, a little annoying but whatever. I go on with my life and wait for the new bill. Except it doesn't come, and instead a few days later we get a message on the machine asking for me to call customer services. The real ::headdesk:: begins here.

I call. They answer. I ask what the problem is. They kerfuffle. I eventually manage to extract that as there's such a big discrepancy between what they estimate the meter reading should have been when we moved in, and what it actually was, they have to send someone round to read the meter. I point out that no one has disputed the current reading I've given, and ask how a current reading will tell them what the reading was back in June. I come away none the wiser, except to be informed I'll need to book a time for a meter reader to come round, which won't be for at least ten working days. A little contextual info - we're a student flat and by this point we'd reached mid to late August, meaning that within ten working days we'd all be back at uni and as class sign ups hadn't started yet, none of us knew our schedules, therefore none of us could guarantee what days and what times we would be in to let the meter man in. I explained this and was told to call back when I did know. Siiiigh. Can't be helped I suppose. So we flash forward to a fortnight later. Fine, dandy, appointment for another three flipping weeks into the future.

Does the meter man turn up?

Three guesses.

So today I call and ask whaaats going on, lady taps around and puts me on hold for a while and then explains that the reading department never received their request, despite the fact the system shows it sent fine. Kkk all very well and good but this doesn't really help with, um, anything. Lady says as they technically did everything right (apart from, y'know, get someone out to read the meter) there's nothing she can do by way of lack of service credit, but as a gesture of goodwill is more than happy to credit our account with £20 for phonecalls spent chasing everything up etc. Frankly, I'd expected nothing more than to be fobbed off and have to make another far away appointment and probably be let down again, so that gesture was totally unexpected and more than appreciated. And now there should be a meter reader here tomorrow. If we're really lucky we might even have a bill by the end of the month.

Problem with this?

We moved in June 1st. It's nearly the end of October. The bill when it does arrive will cover a FIVE MONTH period, and we're all penniless students. It's going to hurt.

The very biggest suck of all is the fact that apart from NPower bouncing us around and solving nothing, absolutely everyone I've spoken to (which by now is quite a number) has been absolutely lovely, very apologetic, and the height of professionalism, so I always come away feeling bad about being angry with them.

Sob. I just want a bill and be able to give them my money! Is that really too much to ask? =(
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