mighty fuck of the lands (roadsidemessiah) wrote in bad_service,
mighty fuck of the lands

.... the best service.

Slightly OT (about great service rather than bad service while I wait for great service to approve my membership to their community)

Today I went to Cycle Leather in Parmatown Mall (they're a local store, but have displays at motorcycle shows and such). And I got the most amazing service. The girl who was working was attentive, despite working with a current customer. She just provided me with the greatest service. I've lost a decent amount of weight since my last leather was purchased.... so I figured I'd go in and get something that fits a little better since my current coat was torn and ripped. I walked in to the store and browsed a few minutes, looking for a 3/4ths' length coat, as that's what my old one was and I really liked it. She told her current customer to hold on just a second and came over and greeted me with the most AMAZING smile. And asked what I was looking for. I showed her my current coat and asked her for something similar. She led me right to the racks, asking her current customer to hold on for just one second and showed me two coats which fit what I was looking for, but they weren't the length. I asked if she had anything a little longer, and she replied "No, but try one of those on, you'll be surprised at how great they'll look". She gave me a medium, and I was like "Are you sure that'll fit?", and she assured me that it'd fit. Now keep in mind, I've gotten in to the habit of buying larger clothes since I was bigger back then, so I was weary. I tried on the medium, and you know how when something fits just right? That was it. She mentioned that it looked great, and asked what my price range was (bonus points for keeping in mind my price range rather than just her sales). I told her it was variable. and looked around a bit more. I knew in my mind that the coat was what I was gonna buy, but wanted to look at others. After she was done dealing with her current customer, she came over and asked "Whatcha thinking about". I said that I was going to purchase the coat. and she began the process of ringing me out. When she asked for my credit card and my license, I was shocked. She then looked at my license and verified my age she said "Wow, younger than me, I thought you were older". +10 points for being attentive and complimenting me.

She gets like 500 cool points for being one of the best salespeople I've ever encountered, and an additional 50 for her sales skills.

Sadly, I know this is longly worded, and probably strangely worded, but I've gotten in such a habit of writing about sub par service, that I can't even word how great the service was.

Thanks to Cycle Leather!
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