dogiikurugaa (dogiikurugaa) wrote in bad_service,

Wal-Mart and Starbridge Health Insurance

I don't know if this fits since its technically no service as of yet, but here goes. About two weeks ago right after getting my first paycheck I signed up for the Starbridge limited health insurance provided by Walmart to hold me over until I could afford to get my own insurance or was there long enough to sign up for one of the decent plans. Got the packet in the mail wednesday the following week. When trying to finish the process to activate my insurance online it said I wasn't in their system yet. When I talked to someone in personal at work they told me it was likely because the first premium hadn't been taken out... "ooook..." Well yesterday I got my second paycheck, this time with the premium deducted. Getting home later that day I tried to sign up again and lookie there, my information is still not there even though I paid $11.40 according to my paycheck. Tried calling their customer service number and it was out of service. It says Cigna recently bought them so maybe that is what is causing the problems, but if thats the case they shouldn't have charged me the first premium until the system was all set again.
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