Michael (druid_va) wrote in bad_service,

This is more, I think, an annoyance than "bad" maybe others will think differently.

Anyhow, the past couple of times I've gone to the ATM at my neighborhood 7-11 and taken out "spending money" for the weekend.  (I'm going to DC for the weekend and was getting cash for the trip) the ATM has given me a hundred dollar bill.  When did ATMs start giving out hundreds?  Anyone else noticed this happening?  It doesn't do a lot of good to get money from an ATM when I just have to turn around and go to the bank to break the hundred it gave me.

For me that kinda defeats the whole reason to use the ATM and not have to go to the bank.  Most stores won't touch a hundred unless you are spending most of it.  Like I said, it's more annoying than bad.
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