¿Cachai? (tessibean) wrote in bad_service,

So, I got a call from Visa earlier today. BlahBlahIdontcare, about how I've been entered into a sweepstakes (Dream Come True), and how I can get a free watch, and Time magazine. I was alright with it, took the survey, and told the woman polietly that I don't want anything. She said thanks, and that was that.

Until I just got ANOTHER call from Visa. Conversation went like this:
"hello! Tess! This is blah blah blah from visa! you've been put in our dream come true sweepstake!"
"...you realize you JUST called my about four hours agos about this, yes?"
"This is the company based out of vegas, yes?"
"...yes... what did we offer you to buy?"
"Time magazine. I don't want it. I don't want anything."
"...okay then"

Uhg. Bad service. Why are you calling me again? And how many more times are the going to call me???

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