Elisa (colorature) wrote in bad_service,

bad_service in nyc

As told to me by my cousin
I was at the Hard Rock Cafe with my dad and sister and brother to eat dinner before going to see a Broadway show (25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee). We got in, got menus, and ordered fairly quickly. Cue waiting an hour for our food. When it was finally brought out, it was lukewarm. Apparently it had been sitting there, ready, and just hadn't been brought out to us. Whatever, as long as we got it, that's fine.

The waiter brought me my food which had two little containers of barbeque sauce and honey mustard. I took them off my plate and put them down on the table. The waiter then put another plate down, and in the process knocked the bbq sauce over onto my cell phone which was sitting on the table. I was already in a bad mood from waiting so long, so I naturally reacted by saying "what the fuck?" The waiter said "is there a problem?" I said "yes." Then he walked away. He acted like he didn't even hear me. I thought that was ridiculously rude. Whatever, we finished, left, and went to the show.

Today my phone stopped working. Now it only works if it's on speakerphone. PLUS it smells like bbq sauce. Dammit.
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