Regina Reliace (synthetic_gift) wrote in bad_service,
Regina Reliace

... just wow.

Backstory: My college funding got screwed up and I ended up getting sent to collections. However, I managed to borrow some money to pay it off.

You would think this would be a good thing. But apparently SCCU doesn't see it like that.

The first time I called today I got put on hold for 25 minutes. That in itself was annoying, but I understand they get busy. But then this happens:

Agent1: HELLO? Are you THERE?
(Please note, I didn't hear her say anything before that, it just rang then I heard that.)
Me: Hi, yes, I'd like to pay off my account.
Her: SCCU. Are you THERE?
Me: I'm sorry, can you hear me?
Her: No, ma'am, I can't.
Me: I'm really sorry, am I breaking up? (I wasn't on a cell phone, but you never know.)
Her: *Click*

... Why the hell would you respond to a question perfectly if you couldn't hear. So this upset me, I couldn't believe it, but I called back again.

The next lady started off rude as well, but soon became somewhat friendly (especially compared to the last) and at the end offered to fax a statement to my school notifying them of payment. I didn't have the fax number on hand, so I asked if I could possibly call back and give it to her. She said that was fine, and that any agent could take the information and do that. I thanked her, then went to call the school, got the number and went to call back again.

Agent2: Hello, SCCU, how can I help you? (I thought this was starting off nicely, too bad it went down in about 5 seconds)
Me: Hi, yes, I just paid off my account and I needed to give a fax number so that someone could fax that over to the school.
Her: WAIT, what exactly do you mean, ma'am? (Imagine a sneer in one's voice)
Me: *Repeats it again.*
Her: Are you at the DMV RIGHT NOW?
Me: I'm sorry, I'm not. I just paid off an account. (Wondering wtf the DMV has to do with anything - this is the state collections service)
Her: OH. Well, let me check that. What is your account number?
Me: I'm sorry, I don't have one, I just have my SSN, I can give -
Her: *interrupts with a SIGHHHHH* What is your NAME?
Me: *Gives name*
Her: Ok, now WHAT do you want again?
Me: *Explains the situation*
Her: We don't do that, we just send out notices at the end of the month.
Me: I'm sorry (god, I apologize too much), but the last lady I talked to said that you could fax the information to the school.
Her: Is there a hold on your account or something?
Me: Yes.
Her: Number? (Not spoken so much as barked)
Me: (I admit, at this point I'm losing my temper and I said the number really slow)
Her: Ok *click*

No goodbye. The second lady I thanked, but... wow. I can't even believe it. I understand they probably deal with sucky customers all day, but I am always polite and I just wanted to pay my account off! Does anyone know of anything I can ... do? It wasn't even just what they said but how they said it, sighing at me or talking to me like I am stupid.

* Note: This is an RP journal, I accidentally registered with the wrong one. My main is vesper_aspicio, if anyone wants to make sure I'm not a random troll. :P

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