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Amazon is the Devil.

This is x-posted from my own journal.


I am fed up with Amazon. I am not doing any of my Christmas shopping on there this year. I'd rather pay more money at Borders, where the clerks can at least speak English, unlike Amazon's customer service staff. And I e-mailed Amazon to tell them so.

I ordered two copies of Cooking for Two by Weinstein & Scarbrough as wedding gifts for two of hubby's friends who got/are going to get married. Amazon failed to apply to gift certificate balance to my order, even though my first receipt from them shows that they DID apply it. I e-mailed customer service and got a barely coherent e-mail in response that did NOT explain what had happened. I e-mailed back and got someone higher up who apologized and not only credited my debit card for the amount of the gift certificate, but also restored the gift certificate balance.

Yesterday, I decided to use the gift certificate balance on a bargain-priced copy of a Victoria Thompson book from my wish list. But the order hasn't gone through; my account has this error message: "These orders cannot proceed without your approval or changes. See below for details. Order Status: Your payment revision required." Of course, when I click the "Revise payment" button, it says that Amazon DID apply my gift certificate balance, so I have no idea what I'm supposed to "revise"! I e-mailed customer service and got a barely coherent e-mail in response that did NOT explain what had happened. She did, however, tell me how to cancel my order. What the hell?! I don't WANT to cancel my order! So I e-mailed back and am waiting for someone higher up to apologize and fix it. Again.


Someone from Amazon's customer service department promised me that Amazon itself would pay for my Victoria Thompson book in return for my trouble. So I decided to buy a book for my husband with my still-remaining gift certificate balance. See paragaph three of the entry before this; same scenario exactly. So now we're waiting on TWO refunds of $14.93 to our debit card. And I STILL have $14.93 in gift certificate funds, not that I feel inclined to spend them at the moment.

But then I checked my "Open and recently shipped orders" and saw that Amazon had deleted my order of the Victoria Thompson book completely. They have no record of it in their system. Sucks for them that I still have the e-mail they sent me when I placed the order. So I e-mailed them AGAIN and asked them where my (supposedly free) book was?

So, waiting.

And trying not to throw things.


Amazon finally apologized for the myriad things that have gone wrong lately. Apparently the gift-certificate-applier-tool on their website was so broken that even they, the customer service staff, couldn't use it. Hmmm.

It took them two tries, but they did credit our checking account for two payments of $14.93, and they did give me a another gift certificate (aaargh!) for $10, which I used to buy the Victoria Thompson book. I even got them to knock off the shipping; they never would admit they'd promised me the book for free, but I got it for free in the end, and I'm done with Amazon. Done.
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